Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chicken Caprese for Dinner, Anyone?

Hi everyone! Grab your favorite device and cup of coffee, and settle in for some recipe advice!

I don't know about you, but I see recipes on my Facebook feed or Pinterest boards all the time that I find intriguing. I have tried a few, but they are not always worth it. My kids are picky eaters, and not to sound too clichè, but who has the time to make a dinner, not to mention one that you bothered to invest your time and energy in that no one likes??  When you go to the trouble to make a dinner for your family, you want everyone to enjoy it. So, you fall into the trap that I often do, which is trying something new that has ingredients your family generally likes. So, recently, I saw this Chicken Caprese recipe from Delish at in my Facebook feed as shared by a friend. I decided it looked worthy of trying. Here is my attempt at making it and photographing the steps! Keep reading to see what my family and I thought!

Next, I browned the chicken. Not a hard step, but I have a tendency to put it in the pan too early, before it is hot enough, so it never normally looks this way. I was so busy slicing tomatoes, the chicken actually had a chance to sear!
Browning the chicken 

Here, I forgot to snap a picture of just the balsamic vinegar, so I got a shot of the vinegar, garlic and tomatoes together. It really did smell so good!
Balsamic vinegar and tomatoes- smelled so good!

Next, I cut some basil from my Modern Sprout Garden Jar 3 pack. I got this for Christmas last year from my mom. You grow your own herbs from the organic seeds they provide in these cute mason jars!! I have really enjoyed using them. Full disclosure: I am in no way getting paid to say this. I just like them and think you might enjoy them too! They sit on my laundry room counter in the window. They are so low maintenance, use only water and are organic! Awesome all the way around in my book!  You can get yourself a set here:

Chopping up the basil from my Modern Sprout Herb Kit

The recipe from the site, did not include pasta, but I made some fettuccine to go with it. Again, with the picky kids. I always try to have some element, of any meal I make, that I know that my kids will eat. I refuse to be a short order cook. But I do try to accomodate them by having something I know they will eat, especially when I am trying a new recipe.

Boiling the pasta
Now, the chicken goes back into the pan with the tomatoes and add basil.

Next, I added the mozzarella. I didn't have the larger mozzarella, so I just cut up the little mozzarella balls to cover it. That actually helped me, because some of my kids would not touch the chicken if it had cheese on it, so I just left half of one breast not covered.

Chicken-half "plain" and half with cheese
Oooooh...look at all that melted cheese goodness. Just looking at it makes me want to make it again. Oops! Spoiler alert! I just ruined the big reveal!

 The finished product! I hope you can see the goodness that this was! The balsamic vinegar created this sort of sauce that coated the pasta beautifully. My husband and I loved it!! The kids were less than impressed, but hopefully your kids are not as picky as mine! I highly recommend trying this! Definitely top it with lots of Romano cheese, add a side salad and some garlic bread and maybe a glass of wine and this is a fantastic dinner! Hope you liked it as much as we did!

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