Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ladies Who Link: August Edition: Back To School Prep

Hey everybody!! 
Sorry for our absence on last month's linkup! I know all you dedicated readers, ok...reader (Hi Mom!) missed us terribly! Summer has been quite a bear around here. We have been traveling a lot and just existing with 3 kids and a puppy has been a long, exhausting challenge. All that said, I do love them all dearly and do my best to cherish our summer time together and making fun memories...amidst the screaming and fighting. Look for the good, right??

Now that I've gotten that out of the way...
Thanks for coming by for our link up! And a special thank you to our other hosts: Allie over at A Gal Named AlLisa at Coast to CoastTara at Mommy In A Nutshell and Holly over at Pink Lady!!
Back to School Prep time!

Obviously, I am quite excited that it is time to get THIS party started. I haven't actually had to do much back to school prep to share with you. We did do our usual Target run to get what we needed. My 8th grader needed some supplies, but for my Kindergartner and my 4th grader their school supplies their school supplies. Funny way to word that!

Our school prep this year is a bit unconventional.  We are preparing to move at some point during the school year. We are building a new home a couple of miles away from our current house in late winter or early spring. So, our focus has been spending time with the kids purging things from their rooms while they aren't also facing homework, projects and activities. Of course, this will be a never-ending process until we actually move, but I am working to get us a good head start so it is a bit overwhelming.

We are in the framing process currently!

If any of you have some suggestions, I am happy to hear them!! The last time we moved was 12 years ago when I only had 1 small kid! Now we have 3, and our niece has moved in all of her stuff. Any organization tips you can throw at me, would be great! I am feeling quite overwhelmed with this process! So, if you need me this Fall, you know what I'll be doing!!

Happy Back to School everyone!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites - June 23rd

It's time for the Friday Favorites Linkup with ErikaNarci and Andrea!

Favorite #1


Is that bad? And yes, I totally meant for that to be in all caps. The first two weeks of summer, I had my kids home with me, all day, every day. 

I learned a lot. Like we can't all stand to be in the same room together for more than, hour. The fighting begins at about an hour and 2 minutes. Here is proof:

They, or maybe I should say, she broke a lamp because "someone" took her "spot" on the couch. She kicked and knocked it over, and bye bye lamp. 

A few days later...

This happened while we were waiting to get haircuts. Long story. Or, she threw a fit because I asked her to pick something up. Ok. Not so long.

So, the point is...summer camps are AMAZING! And good for the whole, keeping my house from being broken and also my sanity intact.

Favorite #2

This guy.

We celebrated our 16th Anniversary last week! We don't always like each other, but we always love each other. We have certainly had good times and rough patches, no perfection here. However, I am grateful every day for the life we have built together. Love him!

Please excuse the picture of the picture. This is one of my very favorite of our wedding photos. We were married way before social media existed, so we have none of them digitized. Wasn't it such a beautiful church?!

Favorite #3

Watermelon Mint Lemonade from Chick-Fil-A

I know not everyone who reads this has a Chick-Fil-A, and for that, I apologize for the next part. If you are lucky enough to have one, you MUST try this if you haven't already!!

It is sweet, and very refreshing for this very hot weather we've been having lately. It tastes a bit like a Watermelon Mojito MOCKtail. I bet if you wanted to make it a cocktail, you could add a little something something to give it the kick you are looking for. OR add seltzer water which is all the rage these days. And that would help to cut the sweetness down a bit too.

Favorite #4

Time with Gavin while the younger two are at camp! We have really enjoyed hanging out this week! Love this kid!!

Favorite #5

Above is the link to where you can get them on Amazon (We get no benefit other than being happy to share the information with you!)

We picked these up about a month ago from Sam's Club for much cheaper than Amazon's price. Let me tell you...they have been the HIT of the summer.  They are great because they are basically floating bean bags. So, they don't deflate! And as you can see below, EVERYONE loves them! Even Charlotte, the puppy!

Great for stacking! ;)

OK, maybe Charlotte likes them the most!

Happy Weekend!!

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ladies Who Link: June Edition- Summer Plans!

Happy Summer Planning everyone!

My wonderful, delightful children have already been out of school for 2 weeks. And as it turns out, my summer plan is currently...


Well, the survival of my sanity, anyway. With 3 kids, it seems all they enjoy doing to driving each other bananas. Which drives me bananas. Don't get me wrong. I really do love with all my heart and enjoy spending time with them. Just maybe not THIS much time.

But seriously, we actually have plans. We have some trips planned and the kids have a few weeks of day camp they are registered for. 

First, we are taking a weekend road trip to visit the grandparents in New Jersey. I have been collecting snacks to go into their Road Trip Boxes. If you didn't see that post or can't remember, I got you, boo. ;) Road Tripping With Kids

Here are some pics to show you what I am talking about

Turns out, they love these things. I had considered not doing them for this upcoming trip. Once they heard about the trip, they started asking for them. I try to get a variety of things to keep them fed without having me constantly getting something for them! And they don't fight over someone eating all of get the idea. And I pack a second set of treats for the return trip and hide them from the children. That way, there is always something to get excited about in the car on the way home!

Next up, after New Jersey,  the kids have a couple of weeks of camps. Then, we fly to Los Angeles to visit my niece. I am excited to see her and to show the kids around L.A. 

However, I am more than a little panicked at flying cross country with the kids. Even as an adult, I get fidgety after about 3 hours. So, I am in overkill prep mode for trying to find things now to keep them all occupied. My biggest challenge is Elliot, who is 4. She is what one might call...spirited. She doesn't enjoy sitting still. So, if any of you have brilliant suggestions of things to keep a little girl this age entertained, please share them with me!!!!!

This is what I posted for ideas last year...Tips for Traveling with Kids!

I will still do the hourly gifts, and definitely bring a thermos to fill with water or juice. And I am in the process of selecting movies to download. 

We are also trying to find good noise-cancelling headphones for everyone. We have also purchased pillows and cozy socks (can you tell I am hoping for everyone to sleep??) and am trying to decide the easiest way to bring everyone's own blanket.  I just read an article about how disgusting airline pillows, blankets and headphones are. I am not a huge germaphobe, but ew! And the tray tables are apparently disgusting. Sanitizing wipes are getting added to the list of things to pack too!

Hopefully, we will survive our trip to LA because a week later, we fly to Wisconsin to visit my family! Lots of flying this summer! That trip is less long, so slightly less preparation involved! 

And, finally, we head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week close to the end of summer!! I am exhausted already! Not to mention, all the fun "bucket list" items of summer we want to accomplish, like making s'mores, going to the beach, hunting ghost crabs, hanging together in the pool, reading books, going to see movies...maybe I should make a Summer Bucket List like the Fall Bucket List I made last year! 

Please be sure to join our linkup below! Can't wait to read about all of your summer plans! And join us next month on July 20th to linkup your Travel Tips and Vacation Suggestions!


Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites - May 18th

It's Friday! And we are back!

It's been awhile, but I am happy to be linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea!

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Favorite #1

Small Town Brewery's Not Your Mom's Iced Tea


Friends...I could drink this by the gallon. I won't, but it is so darn good. I fell in love with this brewery's Not Your Father's Root Beer not long ago. And now, this is my newest love.

I am not a big drinker. Never have been. But guys...this is hardly like drinking. I think it tastes just like an Arnold Palmer. I used to like (and still do) mixing Firefly Sweet Tea with Lemonade for my favorite, light summer  alcoholic drink. I would serve it at parties. But heaven in a bottle. 

Can you tell I like it?? If you drink, please hunt this down and give it a try. I am confident that you won't be disappointed. AND if you like root beer and haven't tried Not Your Father's Root Beer, grab one of those too, while you are at it!

PSA: NOT an advertisement. I just really, really like this! Maybe too much!

Favorite #2
Last week for Mother's Day, my family surprised me with...

A roomba!

We named it DJ Roomba after Tom Haverford's Roomba in his Rent A Swag store on Parks & Rec. Anyone? Bueller? that we have a dog, I think this was a wise investment. I have set it to run everyday, and either we are that filthy or it's eating the carpet in our living room. I wish I had taken a picture to show just how much it collects every. single. day. Seriously shocking.

I am already in love with this thing. Not having to vacuum is such a luxury. Listening to the whirring of the little motor as I do other tasks is oddly satisfying. It's getting done...and I don't have to do it!! #youknowyouareamomwhen... 

Favorite #3

I have stumbled onto some pretty fantastic Instagram accounts lately with some very uplifting messages. This one really spoke to me.

I don't know if it is just me, but I (bear with me, ok?) feel like women have been taught to feel "crazy" if you reveal your true feelings about something or someone. And I am not talking hate, I am talking about love. I have learned in my life, love is really all that matters.

That being said, I have, in the last several years, started to tell friends and family members (that aren't usually the lovey dove types...we all have them! You know who they are!) that I love them. It is a different type of love than most people think of, but why not say it?? Don't we all just want to be loved and appreciated by the people closest to us?

The point is, this one struck me. I strive to be open and honest (as is socially acceptable) as possible. And it isn't always received well. So, to that I say, be honest! If you lose it (being the friendship or whatever the relationship is) then it was never yours to being with. 

Favorite #4

One of my best friends gave me a small version of this candle last week. She rocks! Let me tell is PERFECT for the season. Everyone thinks it smells amazing! Because it totally does!

Today, I hunted down the larger size, and you'll never guess where it came from...
Target. Of course it did. #allthebeststuffcomesfromtarget

Anyway, hurry over to your nearest Target (twist your arm, right?) and give this a sniff. I can almost guarantee it will put you in a summer state of mind.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! 


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ladies Who Link: May Edition: Memorial Day Plans and Summer Kick Off!

It's the 3rd Thursday of the month! That means it is time for Ladies Who Link with these lovely ladies!

We would love for you to add your thoughts to our linkup! At the bottom of the post, add your link so we can check out your Memorial Day Plans and how you are planning to kick off Summer!

Every Memorial Day for the last several years, our closest group of friends comes over with their kids to celebrate! We hang out by and in the pool, have some drinks, eat some food, roast marshmallows and make s'mores by the fire pit!

And this year will be no different! 

Last week, I went to Target (where else?!) to stock up on some fun party things for the kids. Because let's be honest...if the kids are having fun and occupied, the adults are having fun too!

I love to have these around for parties! They are so convenient! I got them from Party City, but I have  purchased them from both Amazon and Target in the past. I HIGHLY recommend them. And the gingham pattern is so cute and festive for a summer party. AND the other one is clearly marked for recycling.

I bought these from the dollar bin section for the littlest kids to play with in our water table.

Another dollar bin find...I think the older kids are going to go bananas for these! I got them in green, blue and pink! Fun!

ALSO dollar bin...super cute straws, napkins and drink parasols! I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, those parasols were SO exciting to get in a drink! I expect them to be a hit! Note to self: buy some maraschino cherries!

I bought these guessed it! The dollar bin at Target! We love to make s'mores as a group, and normally the kids go a little crazy, I thought this might help to preload them in portion controlled sizes for the kids. Parent approved!

Spoiler alert: got these from the dollar bin! I thought the kids would really enjoy these and...BONUS they can use them for the 4th of July too!

You'll NEVER guess where I picked these up...

Bubbles for the littlest ones.

You guys. This is THE. BEST. BUBBLE. MACHINE. 
Think we have enough bubbles???

And a few decorations from guess where!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL and safe Memorial Day! Hope you get to celebrate with great friends too!


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ladies Who Link: April Edition - Favorite Target Finds

Today, we are hosting and linking up with A Gal Named AlCoast to CoastMommy In A Nutshell and Pink Lady!

If you have ever read our blog, you know we are HUGE fans of Target. And there is always something good to be found.

I went yesterday and found these gems!

These are from the dollar section. We have a Memorial Day Party every year and I thought these would be fun to stock up on.
I picked up the fun drink umbrellas and flamingo straws!!

They had cute glass resealable bottles with flamingos and matching drink stirrers and can cozies.

And more matching tableware.

And fairy lights!

Baby Shower decorations!

More party matching stuff.

Every end of school year, I get each of my kids some fun summer things as a last day of school gift. This section would be perfect to get that started! 

I LOVE Target's pajamas. I thought this shirt was cute, soft and I love the quote.

Gilligan & O'Malley pajamas are my jam. They are super cozy and I love them!!!

Another great Target find! Puzzles galore! I love to do puzzles! I grew up doing them with my Dad and now I am trying to get my kids into them. It is sort of like the adult coloring book phenomenon. Relaxing.

Another fun summer toy for the kids! Wubbles! The Easter Bunny brought my kids the water Wubbles.

These were a big hit last year! The bunch of balloons! This year they have added a filler gun. Using a hose was tricky. The filler gun might make its way into their summer fun bag!

Ok. This was THE COOLEST THING!! It is a brand called Antsy Pants. And they are selling kits to build and play for kids with easy to put together pieces! And covers to make lemonade stands! No more giant cardboard boxes needed to sell lemonade this summer! What a fantastic idea!

My kids (and new puppy!) would go nuts over this obstacle course in our yard! Might be a worthy investment to keep them occupied this summer!

Who doesn't love the mason jar trend? Ball has these new spiral jars that are so cute!! You know I had to grab some!

Look at those fun plastic glasses for summer! I loved all the colors and prints! Unfortunately, I didn't need glasses, but if you do, check them out! Super cute!

I love Frizz Ease!!! I have thick, wavy and fairly coarse hair. And Frizz Ease helps! It is one of my all time favorite Target finds!

I don't know about you, but I carry around water all day, everyday. And, I love my Thermos insulated water bottle with a straw. They are getting harder and harder to find in the size I use (I think it is 18oz.)!!! I thought I would give this Contigo insulated water bottle a go. I'll keep you posted!

Ok! I fell for it! I have "chicken skin" as I call it on the backs of my arms. I saw this ad on TV and I was sold! Bought it! Trying it!

And finally...Brit + Co craft kits!! I love their site and their social media!! Why not love their crafts too! I am a craft girl. I actually couldn't leave this there...

I have been dying to try to learn this calligraphy trend. So, I bought this one. I'll keep you posted on that as well!

Happy Target Shopping everyone! I can't wait to see what fun things you found! I will totally go back and see what I missed! Maybe tomorrow! Is it bad that a lot of the employees know me there?????

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please be sure to add your favorites to our linkup below!!


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