Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ladies Who Link: May Edition: Memorial Day Plans and Summer Kick Off!

It's the 3rd Thursday of the month! That means it is time for Ladies Who Link with these lovely ladies!

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Every Memorial Day for the last several years, our closest group of friends comes over with their kids to celebrate! We hang out by and in the pool, have some drinks, eat some food, roast marshmallows and make s'mores by the fire pit!

And this year will be no different! 

Last week, I went to Target (where else?!) to stock up on some fun party things for the kids. Because let's be honest...if the kids are having fun and occupied, the adults are having fun too!

I love to have these around for parties! They are so convenient! I got them from Party City, but I have  purchased them from both Amazon and Target in the past. I HIGHLY recommend them. And the gingham pattern is so cute and festive for a summer party. AND the other one is clearly marked for recycling.

I bought these from the dollar bin section for the littlest kids to play with in our water table.

Another dollar bin find...I think the older kids are going to go bananas for these! I got them in green, blue and pink! Fun!

ALSO dollar bin...super cute straws, napkins and drink parasols! I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, those parasols were SO exciting to get in a drink! I expect them to be a hit! Note to self: buy some maraschino cherries!

I bought these guessed it! The dollar bin at Target! We love to make s'mores as a group, and normally the kids go a little crazy, I thought this might help to preload them in portion controlled sizes for the kids. Parent approved!

Spoiler alert: got these from the dollar bin! I thought the kids would really enjoy these and...BONUS they can use them for the 4th of July too!

You'll NEVER guess where I picked these up...

Bubbles for the littlest ones.

You guys. This is THE. BEST. BUBBLE. MACHINE. 
Think we have enough bubbles???

And a few decorations from guess where!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL and safe Memorial Day! Hope you get to celebrate with great friends too!


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  1. Love all the Target finds! Those are my favorite too :) you're sure to have a great party!

  2. I'm a Target dollar bin junkie, too! Last year, they had the cutest 4th of July lanterns that I hung above my sink, but they kept falling down since I did a terrible job hanging them! I need to look into those pop-up bins- super great idea! Thanks for co-hosting!

    1. That sounds cute! Next time, command strips/hooks all the way! The pop up bins really are an amazing invention!

  3. What did we ever do before dollar spot bins in stores??? Best way to make a kid think they've hit the jackpot...and moms too! Thanks for linking up and co-hosting! OH and those pop up trash/recycle cans are genius!

    1. Lisa- I have absolutely no idea. Just like cell phones. And GPS!!! Yes to the trash bins! You must try them!!

  4. Seriously Target every day! I love the little things you picked out! Thanks for linking up with us :)

    1. My husband makes fun of me because the employees there know me!! And thank you!!

  5. Love the pineapple straws and cocktail napkins. Pineapples are everywhere this season. I may have to pick those up myself.