Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ladies Who Link: January Edition - Organization Tips!

Hi everyone! We are so excited to kick the year off with Allie over at A Gal Named Al and our monthly linkup!

Ok. So, if you know me, you know I am probably the LAST person to be doling out organization tips! Don't look in my closet! Or any of my closets for that matter!

But, I do happen to have a tip or two up my sleeve that could possibly help you in your daily life!

Ok...let's begin with the most embarrassing for me! My pantry! First, let me just say...we have lived-in our home for almost 12 years and I have not changed the shelf lining that was here when we moved in. Even though I am not fond of it. Or even like it. But usually my pantry looks like I don't even really see it very often. What the before picture is, is about 4-6 months of shoving stuff in there from the kids and trips to the grocery store. That's why it's all wrong. 

This is much better. See the hideous paper? 

Ugh. Moving on...I threw a lot of things out. and I made better use of the storage containers I have purchased in the past. I love these bins. I bought mine at Target, but Amazon has them too.

And these Oxo storage containers are pretty great too. I love them for cereal. Especially since I try to buy healthier versions of the less than healthy cereals my kids like and I put them in these containers so they think it's the kind they see on TV. Score! I usually fool them too!

Speaking of Amazon...I LOVE my Echo! I use at all the time! 

For organization, I use it to keep track of my shopping list. Anyone in the house can add things verbally to the shopping list. It is handy when your hands are dirty or you are in the middle of something. Just yell, Alexa! Add milk to the shopping list! And "she" does it! 
Then, when I get to the store, I open my Alexa app and voila! All the things I (and everyone else) yelled at her all week! I forget less when I get to the store. And she actually hears everything and transcribes it accurately.

It also doesn't hurt that it does a lot of other stuff. I enjoy it playing music while I am cooking too.

Ok, you know I am a coffee fan! This is how I organize mine. This drawer is very handy to keep it neat and ready for company. And it doesn't take up any extra room because your Keurig sits right on top of it!

There are lots of options  to choose from out there! Here is the one closest the one I have.

And finally...
Remember when I said last week my kids have been sick? Well...yeah. Two sets of antibiotics. It can be hard to keep track of who got their medicine and if you even gave it to your child when you were supposed to. You know what I mean, right? On day 8 out of 10 days... all too often, all the other times you have given your child the medicine start to blend together and you think...was that today or yesterday? Anyway, this little trick helps to keep you on track. 

Sharpies are the greatest.

Hope you found something helpful to make your life just a little more organized!


I'm with Sara...I always like the IDEA of being organized, but I don't think that I am as organized as I would like to be.  I do have a few things that I use in my house and classroom that I will share.

First, I love the way that I organized my desk supplies at school.  I used an organizer from Home Depot that is supposed to be used to organize screws, nails, etc. and made labels on my computer and scrapbook paper to make it look cute.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  I love it and I have received many compliments on it!

Next, I am always looking for ways to organize my girls' rooms.  Recently, we decided to use some of the "wasted" space in my youngest daughter's room and make her a window seat/toy box.  Luckily, my father in law and husband are handy, so they were able to build it for her.

Here is the "before" picture:

Here are the "after" pictures:  (They added a shelf above her window also so that she could put more items up there too.)

I have not done it yet, but I plan to make a cushion to go on top of the box.  As of now, she uses blankets and pillows.  She loves it!  She spends a lot of time reading, drawing, etc. in this spot.  The toy box is great to hide items that would normally be all over the floor!

Finally, my attic is an area where I am always to organize better.  Over spring break, I plan to tackle this overwhelming task!  I got an idea from Amazon, and I am hoping that my father in law and husband can build it for me.  

I love that it is going to allow me to use space that is often wasted in the attic. Here is a link to the item on Amazon:

Stay tuned!  I will blog about how it goes when I try it in my attic!

I can't wait to hear about some of your organizing tips out there!


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  1. I love an organized pantry (that's on my future post list) and I always try to give it a little bit of straightening when I know people are coming over because it never fails someone ends up seeing it. The medicine bottle trick is pure genius and I wish I'd known about it when my kids were little. Heck, maybe I should use it for my daily vitamins and such That attic storage looks awesome and the window seat is not only darling, but so functional. Win X 2!!!! Thanks for hosting girls. Happy Thursday!!!

    1. It is so hard to be organized, right?Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The medicine trick is AWESOME! And that attic organization is amazing- attics creep me out, and when we moved into our current house, I vowed to not have enough stuff that would need to be stored in the attic. So far, so good! Thanks for hosting! :)