Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Favorites - December 30th

I can't believe it's the last Friday Favorites linkup of the year! So long, 2016!
Hello to 2017!

Favorite #1

This blog! Trina and I hatched the idea this year, and we had no idea how we would do it exactly. Or if anyone would read it. We are still learning, I think we have made a lot of progress but, I think we also still have a long way to go!  

There is so much to learn when you blog. I feel like we have reached only the tip of the iceberg! The more you learn, the more you realize there is to learn and so on. I am enjoying the challenge!

Also, without being too cheesy, I have "met" some really nice and supportive people! In fact, we are teaming up with A Gal Named Al next year to do a new monthly link up! Details below! We are excited to work with Allie. She is so sweet, smart and funny! We hope you fellow bloggers out there will join in on the fun!

Favorite #2

This one is an obvious one, that is probably all of our favorites...Winter Break! 

I am loving "sleeping in!" I know when I tell you I sleep in until 7:30, unless you are a mom, that is a sick joke. But I get up at 6am everyday, so 7:30 is nice. Bedtime is later and I get to hang out with my niece and nephew while they are home on break and have adult discussions after the 3 smaller kids are in bed.

I am also enjoying not having a rigid schedule. No homework. No super set meal time or bed time. The kids stay in their pajamas until late in the day, so late, they decide to just keep wearing them! It it just really nice to have a breather. I hope you all have enjoyed your break as well!

Here are a few of the things we have done so far...

Ugly Christmas Sweater Family Photo on Christmas Eve

Me and my bff...and a toy soldier!

'Twas the Night Before Christmas 

Christmas Eve Tradition...driving around looking at the lights

A really cool street in our city that has this pretty lighted walkway

Family selfie while out celebrating my niece's 21st birthday

Favorite #3

For you fellow hobby photographers out there, I got a big surprise on Christmas! My husband got a new camera body for me! I have been enjoying trying it out! I look forward to some free time when the kids go back to school to experiment a bit more with it. I mostly prefer to take pictures of people, but I do enjoy taking artsy landscape photos too. I have been kicking around the idea of taking family photos for friends in order to see if I would like to take my photography to the next level. If any of you out there have any advice for me, comments are welcomed!


Wow!  Where did the year go?  I cannot believe that we are about to start 2017!  

Favorite #1
I am going to copy Sara with this one and go with this blog!  I love being able to connect with people all over with our blog.  I hope that we will reach even more readers in 2017.  The blog has also been great because I feel like Sara and I are staying more connected and I feel like I know what is going on in her life even though she is miles away!

Favorite #2
I have loved being able to spend so much time with my family over break.  We are so scheduled during the school weeks.  It is nice to be able to wake up and say, "What do we want to do today?" My girls are also really into games lately, so we have had a lot of fun playing games together.  One game suggestion that I have is Uno Attack.  We have always loved regular Uno, but Uno Attack is even more fun!  

Ice skating

Christmas morning

Favorite #3
I have blogged before about how much my girls and I love to watch Dancing With the Stars together. They are coming to Richmond, and I got them tickets as one of their presents this year!  We are so excited to go!  The show is on a school night, so the next day at school will be interesting.  I think that it will be worth it!  Stay tuned....


We hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!

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  1. I'm not ready to wear clothes that aren't pajamas! Hope your new camera adventures go well! And how fun to go see DWTS with the girls! Thanks for linking up in 2017- have a great new year!

  2. Love that the girls are going to see Dancing with the Stars! How fun for them!!