Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites- January 27th

Happy Friday! It's our favorite linkup with ErikaNarci, and Andrea!

Favorite #1

The Slice app. It is an order tracking app. You give it permission to access your e-mail and it culls all of your purchases. Then, you can check the status of any online orders in one place. ALSO, I recently ordered some boots from Zappos, and it alerted me to a fairly significant price drop. I then clicked a couple of buttons and sent an email to Zappos and they are refunding the money! LOVE it!!

Favorite #2
I think I saw it advertised on Facebook. I have always had an interest in photography. Recently, I have been wanting to take a class. I am watching a class from Harvard (!!!) for free. 

Favorite #3

One of my dearest friends knows my affinity for Trader Joe's Star Cookies during the holiday season. I start hunting them down in November and buy a lot of boxes. I have drug poor Trina around on our very rare visits to the local Trader Joe's where we meet to look for them. They only get so many, and usually by early December (or so) they are gone until next November. 

Anyway, today my dear friend, spotted them in Heart form for Valentine's Day!! Yippee!! I can feel my clothes getting tighter already!

Favorite #4

This stuff is amazing! I have thick hair. And it used to be dry and frizzy. Ever since I started using Frizz Ease conditioner (this one is my favorite), my hair has been much more smooth and even dare I say, silky? It was a stumble upon discovery this summer, and I am so glad I found it!


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday {1/25}


I actually meal planned this week! We are having Chicken Caesar salads, Linguine with Tomato Cream Sauce and Meatballs, Pioneer Woman's Simple, Perfect Chili, and also her Ginger Steak Salad. What are you eating?

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 71 today. I miss him so so much. I am trying to remember the good times today.

That we have already had snow once this year! Here in Virginia, we get snow, but not a lot. Especially in my area. So, things shut down and you actually get a snow day when even just a little snow falls. I am hoping for another good snow before snow season is over! I know, random, right?

We've been crazy busy! Eddie and I went to the International Builders' Show in Orlando earlier this month (if you'd like to read more about that click here and here). Elliot started Full Day school (yippee!!!) after Christmas Break and after they went back from being sick and the snow, I am enjoying a little extra time to get things done! I am running errands, and catching up on things that have been put off.

I think I say this every up my house. As I have also said before, we are moving (hopefully) this year and I need to start purging and organizing now. It's such a bug undertaking, I dread it. Once I get into it, I know I will be happy I did.

Blogging more and more consistently. Again, with the house cleaning. Being more organized. Meal planning more. You know...typical SAHM stuff. 

Trina and I have been collaborating with Allie over at A Gal Named Al to do a linkup called Ladies Who Link every 3rd Thursday. We hope you will join us!
Click here to see January's post and to learn more about it!

Have I mentioned we're building a house? I love to go several times a week to check on the progress. It's so exciting to watch something we designed on a computer screen (with a professional) come to life in real life. Today, was a perfect day to lounge by the pool there...Ha!


I am watching the new PBS show, Victoria! I love it! If you haven't seen must check it out. Especially if you were a fan of Downton Abbey! And you aren't too far behind! Only 2 episodes have aired.

My uniform! Jeans, boots, tee, scarf!

Patriotic Wear inspired by my children on Inauguration Day (as seen on social media)

My kids wore patriotic clothing for an event they were doing at school on Inauguration Day


Going to attend a school function. Every year they have a Grand Auction and it is themed. This year's theme is Mardi Gras! These are my selections. I don't know if I will be brave enough to do the eye makeup. We shall see!


Super Bowl! Even though my beloved Packers didn't make it. SO close, until the last game. We love the Super Bowl around here no matter who is playing!

AND Trina and I get to meet up later in the month! I always look forward to our rare occasions to see each other. I miss her so much!

I think that covers it! Hope you are having a great start to the new year!


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International Builders' Show Recap Day 3

Thanks for coming back to see what happened on our last day at the International Builders' Show!

We got up EARLY and went to the convention center. We had previously booked a tour of about 5 homes in the Orlando area to learn about their market and building practices and standards. When we arrived to meet the group, this was in the entrance on both sides. Isn't it cool?! In case you can't tell, it is a hydroponic system to grow food here inside for them to use to feed the visitors.

These are some of the cool details in the homes that we saw.

I LOVE these beams!!

These stained doors seem to be a big trend in homes.

Look at this cool magazine rack and storage in the bathroom!

This style of wood is very popular as well.

I have always loved coffered ceilings!

My husband loved this room! I thought the wallpaper was pretty bold, but I can see why a man might like this for his office.

I thought this was really simple and pretty.

I loved what they were doing with this covered porch. Concrete, and I presume a smaller tile in the gaps. I would love to see a wood or wood appearing product fill in the gaps.

I also liked these built ins in the family room.

Another pretty coffered ceiling.

This tree was in a neighbor's yard of one of the houses we saw. I thought it was so pretty and unusual. Some of the branches were actually laying on the ground.

After the home tour, we wandered a bit through the convention center for a bit to look at some more booths. Afterwards, we headed over to Universal City Walk to grab some dinner.

Walking over from the parking deck, they had this huge monitor showing you real time the people walking by. But then they superimposed a guy walking buy and getting abducted by aliens. Kind of unusual but a cool use of technology. So, of course, I had to capture it for you!

An interesting mini golf on the way in too.

Obligatory selfie

We ate at The CowFish Sushi Burger Bar. It is a really interesting combination of cuisines. 

And for all you Pokèmon Go fans, you will recognize that this place is crazy with Pokestops! We checked in to our kids accounts to help them out. We are coming back for Spring Break, and I know they are pumped to check it out!

Parmesan Bacon Truffle Fries...oh my!

The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgerooshi

Seared Sesame Tuna Salad

I thought their combo of condiments was interesting. Never before have I seen these together!

When we walked in, we noticed a new place, The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium! We decided we must check it out for dessert!

This place was crazy! It is Steampunk themed. (If you don't know what that is, think Rory and Logan from the Gilmore Girls and the Life and Death Bridgade. Or you can google it!) They had really fun displays, and merchandise and the treats were to die for!

This was edible chocolate. Crazy!

Just amazing.

Notice the costume/uniforms. And Macaroons for days!!

I felt so Rory in this hat! Except, I am not about to jump off of a platform!

Views of CityWalk

And the next day, we got up and went back home to reality! Thanks for stopping by and reading about our trip!


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