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What's Up Wednesday 7/27

S-Honestly, I have no idea! I am always on the hunt for new recipes. I have tried to be a better meal planner, but I go through fits and spurts. We will grill out once, maybe eat out since we have a more laid back summer schedule!
T-Vegetables from our garden-My husband has become quite a gardener.  We have tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, and green beans.  Pictures to come!

Actual farm equipment still there!
My artistic shot
Love this place!

 S-My family has a farmhouse that was built by my great-grandparents. It has had many incarnations  in its 104 years, but the latest project is that my husband and I are working to turn the house and the almost 9 acres of property it sits on, into a brewery/beer tasting room/cafe/event venue/farmer's market/farm. I know that sounds like a lot. I hope to tell you more about that another time. It has been an office for our family business where my grandfather and my dad and my brother, husband and I work. My grandfather, my dad and my brother have all passed away. So, what I am reminiscing about is the memories I have of them in the Farmhouse before it becomes something completely different. I attach a lot of my family's memories to that physical place and it is a little hard for me to let it go. Cue Elsa belting it out. ;) It is a really exciting project, and I can't wait to see it come into fruition!
T-The girls have been very curious about pictures of them as babies this summer.  We have looked back at so many pictures and videos, so I have been reminiscing about my early days of being a first time mom, then a mom of 2.  In some ways it seems like yesterday, but then again I can't believe that my oldest daughter is 10!

My babies!  Where did the time go?!?!

S-Can I be a little weird and say Pokemon Go? I swear, it's a good reason. My boys have always enjoyed Pokemon. My nephew, Breck (who just turned 23...what??!?!), has been into it his whole life and has shared his Pokemon things with them all their lives. Pokemon Go has gotten my normally homebody boys to be excited to get out and explore our community! I am LOVING it!

Gavin, Eddie and Breck all playing Pokemon Go

T-I am loving my Corkcicle canteen!  I have one in purple and I use it daily.  I have found that I am much better about drinking enough water since I have my Corkcicle.  It keeps my water cold all day.  I love it!  (An awesome parent from my class last year made the monogram for me.)

S-Summer day camps at their school, swimming in the pool, going to the movies, picking blueberries, shopping for Fall clothes for everyone!
Look at our GIANT blueberry bush!

Love my girl!

T-We have been soaking up the last few precious weeks of summer.  We are spending a lot of time at the pool.  We are also planning a few other day trips before school starts.  Stay tuned!

A picture from a walk in the neighborhood with my oldest daughter.  I love that we have water so close to us!

Playground fun in our neighborhood!  We walk to our local playground at least 3 times a week.


T-Going back to work next month!  I love being a teacher, but I do not slow down at all during the school year.  I love having more flexibility with my schedule during the summer.
S- Honestly, nothing really. But if I had to pick one, I would say as much as I love routines, I do dread the going back to school getting up early and being on a regimented, not-much-flexibility school schedule.


T-We are in the process of painting and redecorating my youngest daughter's room.  She loves the color purple-like me!  There will be a lot of purple everywhere!  Pictures to come!
S- Cleaning out my house! Ugh! We are in the process of building a new house. It will be a long while before we actually move as we are in the very early stages. But after living in this house for 11 years, we have accumulated A LOT of stuff. I am trying to get renewed inspiration from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

T-I am excited about all things fall!  Fall items are starting to appear in stores, which gets me very excited.  Fall is by far my favorite season.  I love the cooler temperatures, fall decorations, and fall food/drink.  I can't wait!
S-I second what Trina said! I get excited seeing all the Fall clothes and home decor out. The beginning of August every year, I start to want to eat Pumpkin bread, muffins, pie. Great, now I am getting hungry!

T-I am reading so many books on my new Kindle Paperwhite.  I love it!  I will blog more about how much I love my Kindle at a later date.

S-The Harry Potter series by the fabulous J.K. Rowling in anticipation of the newest book coming out soon! and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

T-My girls have been singing a lot of Karaoke lately on their Karaoke machine. I have been listening to them sing everything from Taylor Swift to Journey. 

S-I have been really into Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion and Zac Brown Band lately. I am usually a Top 40 girl, but I must be getting old! I am just not enjoying the latest hits. #isturning38reallythatold?

T-I love flip flops!  My new favorites are by OluKai, which is a company based in Hawaii.  They are very comfortable and durable!  My girls each have a pair too.
S-I went on a bit of a fall clothes shopping spree last week.  They had some really good deals at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And lots of places are trying to unload summer clothes. I have been wearing the new stuff!

S- Celebrating my birthday at my annual summer/birthday bash!
T-Leaving for the beach on Saturday!  I can't wait!  The beach is my happy place.

S- So many things! For starters, my sister from Wisconsin and my brother-in-law and nephews are coming down here to go on our annual beach trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina! I can hardly stand the wait! We've been planning this for months!! 
Also, my family and I are going to visit Breck, my nephew in Asheville, North Carolina for a few days before he returns to classes. And after ALL of that, my kids go back to school. This is always bittersweet at our house. I  miss spending all day, every day with them (MOST of the time!), but it is nice to get back into a routine.
T-Enjoying the last few school-free weeks with my family.  The daily grind of work and school will begin soon, so I plan to enjoy every minute!

T-We have been working on teaching our 9 month old lab mix tricks.  I have found great YouTube videos on dog training.  (I will blog more about this soon!)  Our dog can now sit, stay, come, shake, and go down!  It takes a lot of patience and a lot of sliced turkey!

Our sweet dog, Harper

S-Looking ahead to the projects we have going on and trying to plan our future trips! I use a travel agent, and I have been on the phone with her a lot trying to plan for our upcoming Disney Trip this Fall and a European summer trip for 2017. We love to travel!


S-My favorite part about summer was spending time with my family, doing things we don't normally get to do during the school year. We really do enjoy traveling and we have had the opportunity to go a few places! Also, I love the ability to sleep in! (And folks, don't get too excited, "sleeping in" in my life means to 7AM.) I love that in the summer the relaxed schedule allows for not setting the alarm!!

T-I love being able to give 100% of myself to my kids in the summer.  As a teacher, during the school year I am pulled in so many different directions that I often feel a lot of mom guilt.  Don't get me children want for nothing but my time with them during the school year is limited because of our busy schedules and school work (mine and theirs).  I know that one day they will not want to spend as much time with their mom, so I am soaking it all up now.  They love doing things as a family.  I treasure every second of time with them.  

Thanks for checking us out! Follow us to meet up for more Moms' Coffee Dates in the future!

-Trina and Sara

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Let's Chat : School Days Link Up

This month's linkup is SCHOOL DAYS! Thanks to Andrea and Erika for this opportunity!

Wow, July 25th and talking about school already! Actually, when we went on our coffee date together last week, Trina started school supply shopping for her girls! I, on the other hand, am totally bummed that my kids' school has decided to provide their school supplies this year. Are you crazy, you might ask? Ladies, I LOVE to school supply shop. Buying new pencils and pens and highlighters and post-its...the list goes on. I am a total dork, but I love it all!
Can I also take a second to freak out a little bit that Gavin, my oldest child, is entering into 7th grade?!?! Argh! I remember going into 7th grade. Scary stuff. Will is heading into 3rd and sweet Elliot will be in what we call Pre-K4.

These are my 3 kids on the first day of school last year. We have been using these awesome printables from the How Does She blog for a few years. These kids have grown so much in a year!

This was their last day of school. Isn't it the sweetest that they are holding hands??! I am melting over here!  Anyway, these are the backpacks they had, and they look pretty good after a year of wear and tear, don't they! Will's black backpack was a rolling one from Land's End. Here is this year's updated version. You can tuck the straps in when you roll it or wear it like a traditional backpack. He will probably get this to replace last year's backpack. It was a good quality backpack. The only problem was with the rolling part (at least last year's version) was that it would sometimes get off balance and he would have to battle it a bit to get it back on both wheels.
Elliot's backpack was so cute! We got it from Garnet Hill. It held up really great for her! And it was the Backpack size, not the Backpack Jr. size despite her petite size. Her school requires that it is large enough to put a full sized folder in.  They do not have the pattern she had this year, but the updated patterns are cute. I am considering this cute owl pattern one or this one below from Pottery Barn Kids.

My older son, Gavin, carries a Packers (Go Pack, Go!! Sorry. Had to do it!) backpack. I am sure there are TONS of fellow Packers fans out there, just dying to see the latest backpacks, am I right? His was more plain, but this is the updated version as well. I have no idea what kind he will want this year. I guess we should start talking about it!

My kids and I also love these Thermos 12oz and 16oz Funtainers on Amazon/AmazonSmile. Of course, they have many different designs and characters. Will is going to want this one, because in second grade he KNOWS he is going to be a paleontologist. Check them out! They keep drinks cold ALL DAY!  And I love the easy open and drinking from the straw! We put ours in the dishwasher every day. LOVE THEM!

Walking these two in on the first day last year.  Melts my heart to see us all holding hands! I get so excited at the beginning of a school year. It holds so much excitement and promise. I feel somehow more organized. I do love these lazy days of summer, eating on a less regimented schedule and swimming. So much swimming. Only 32 days left for us to enjoy the summer before we get back into the strict routine of the school year. 

I love the start of a new school year!  As a teacher I see the new school as a new beginning and a fresh start.  I certainly love the summer with my family, but it is also nice to get back to a routine.  I am fortunate because I teach at the school that my girls attend.  I get to wave to them in the hall and watch them walk to class daily.  I love it!

Here are my girls on the first day of school last year.

This was the moment right before they walked down the hall to class on the first day!

My girls have both had the same LLBean backpack since kindergarten!  They are wonderful, durable backpacks.

They have a variety of colors and patterns.  They also have the option to monogram the backpack for an additional $8.00.  Right now these backpacks are 25% off, which makes them $29.96.  Not a bad deal for several years of use!

Both of my girls also have a lunch box from LLBean.  It is a great size and it keeps their lunches well insulated.  It was important for them to have a large lunch box because they put an after school snack in there as well since we usually spend a good amount of time in my classroom.

Neither of my girls are huge fans of sandwiches, so I often pack soup or pasta for them in a thermos. I love the Thermos Funtainer 10 ounce food jar.  It keeps their food warm until lunch.  It also closes tightly so I don't have to worry about spills inside the lunch box.

I honestly cannot believe that it is almost time to go back to school!  I was in a craft store yesterday and saw CHRISTMAS items already on display.  Everyone always told me that time would go by faster once I had children.  It is so true!  I cannot believe that I will have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader this year.  Middle school next year!!  I cannot even talk about that yet...

Here are my girls on the last day of school.  My oldest daughter has a bun in her hair because not only was it the last day of school, but it was also dance recital weekend.  More crazy school/dance schedules to come!  We will take it all in stride and I know that they will have a fabulous school year!


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2 Ingredient Chocolate Croissants!

What's for breakfast, Coffee Daters?

Ok, Obviously...COFFEE! But these 2 (sometimes 3)ingredient chocolate croissants are so easy and GOOD! And did I mention, KID APPROVED?!

I mean, what's not to love, right? 

-Refrigerated package of crescent rolls
-Chocolate chips (I prefer mini)
-Optional 3rd ingredient:Cinnamon!
(Actually you could use anything as the optional 3rd ingredient. Nut butter, jelly, really your imagination is your limit.)

1. Preheat oven according to package directions. Usually 350 degrees F.
2. Separate the triangles of dough and spread chocolate chips on the top 2/3 of the widest part of the triangle. (IF you are using the cinnamon or any other optional ingredient, I would put that on BEFORE the chocolate chips.)
3. Roll up wide side first. (If you added something, add a little to the top of the unbaked croissant before you put it in the oven so you know which is which when you pull it out later!)
4. Bake for directed time on the package.

I only do a couple of the cinnamon ones for me because the rest of my family prefers them plain. But that is the beauty of this recipe. You can mix and match as much as you like!

All 3 ingredients.
I prefer to use organic ingredients. Or the closest thing you can get to that. To each their own, but I have researched and feel this is the best decision for my family. We really love these crescent rolls made by Immaculate Baking, and these mini chocolate chips made by Enjoy Life.

Sorry this is blurry! But you get the idea!

All ready for the oven!

This one in the top corner has cinnamon sprinkled on the outside.

Aren't these some beauties. I kinda wish I had one to eat right now.

Hope you enjoy!

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