Monday, July 25, 2016

2 Ingredient Chocolate Croissants!

What's for breakfast, Coffee Daters?

Ok, Obviously...COFFEE! But these 2 (sometimes 3)ingredient chocolate croissants are so easy and GOOD! And did I mention, KID APPROVED?!

I mean, what's not to love, right? 

-Refrigerated package of crescent rolls
-Chocolate chips (I prefer mini)
-Optional 3rd ingredient:Cinnamon!
(Actually you could use anything as the optional 3rd ingredient. Nut butter, jelly, really your imagination is your limit.)

1. Preheat oven according to package directions. Usually 350 degrees F.
2. Separate the triangles of dough and spread chocolate chips on the top 2/3 of the widest part of the triangle. (IF you are using the cinnamon or any other optional ingredient, I would put that on BEFORE the chocolate chips.)
3. Roll up wide side first. (If you added something, add a little to the top of the unbaked croissant before you put it in the oven so you know which is which when you pull it out later!)
4. Bake for directed time on the package.

I only do a couple of the cinnamon ones for me because the rest of my family prefers them plain. But that is the beauty of this recipe. You can mix and match as much as you like!

All 3 ingredients.
I prefer to use organic ingredients. Or the closest thing you can get to that. To each their own, but I have researched and feel this is the best decision for my family. We really love these crescent rolls made by Immaculate Baking, and these mini chocolate chips made by Enjoy Life.

Sorry this is blurry! But you get the idea!

All ready for the oven!

This one in the top corner has cinnamon sprinkled on the outside.

Aren't these some beauties. I kinda wish I had one to eat right now.

Hope you enjoy!

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