Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites- January 27th

Happy Friday! It's our favorite linkup with ErikaNarci, and Andrea!

Favorite #1

The Slice app. It is an order tracking app. You give it permission to access your e-mail and it culls all of your purchases. Then, you can check the status of any online orders in one place. ALSO, I recently ordered some boots from Zappos, and it alerted me to a fairly significant price drop. I then clicked a couple of buttons and sent an email to Zappos and they are refunding the money! LOVE it!!

Favorite #2
I think I saw it advertised on Facebook. I have always had an interest in photography. Recently, I have been wanting to take a class. I am watching a class from Harvard (!!!) for free. 

Favorite #3

One of my dearest friends knows my affinity for Trader Joe's Star Cookies during the holiday season. I start hunting them down in November and buy a lot of boxes. I have drug poor Trina around on our very rare visits to the local Trader Joe's where we meet to look for them. They only get so many, and usually by early December (or so) they are gone until next November. 

Anyway, today my dear friend, spotted them in Heart form for Valentine's Day!! Yippee!! I can feel my clothes getting tighter already!

Favorite #4

This stuff is amazing! I have thick hair. And it used to be dry and frizzy. Ever since I started using Frizz Ease conditioner (this one is my favorite), my hair has been much more smooth and even dare I say, silky? It was a stumble upon discovery this summer, and I am so glad I found it!


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  1. Yay for hair smoothness! I just found something that works for my mess this week and can't believe it! Have a fun weekend with your cookies!