Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites-December 16th

It's time for our Friday linkup with Erika, Narci and Andrea!

T-It has been a busy week in our house!  I love this time of year, but the days just don't seem long enough! 

My husband received a Christmas card today FROM THE WHITE HOUSE!  No matter what your political affiliation, you have to admit that getting mail from the President is awesome!  My husband was recognized during teacher appreciation week last May and the President mentioned my husband in his speech.  I guess this put us on "the list" for a card.  My husband is a government teacher, so it is especially meaningful to him.  SO COOL!!

After I watched the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, I couldn't get enough so I decided to read Lauren Graham's new autobiography.  It is called Talking As Fast As I Can.  It was funny and a quick read.  I really enjoyed it!  If you are a fan of Gilmore Girls or Parenthood, you should definitely check it out.

My new best friend lately has been the Starbucks app!  I use the "order" feature so that I do not have to wait in line.  I love being able to order my favorite holiday drink (skinny gingerbread latte with 1 shot of vanilla) and have it ready when I get to my local Starbucks.  It is always there ready and waiting for me!  You earn stars and as the stars accumulate, you get free drinks and food.  It is great!

This time of year my relatives are always asking for gift ideas for my girls.  I create an Amazon wish list of items that they are wishing for and send it out to people.  I love it because it is really easy to use and it ensures that the girls do not receive duplicate gifts.  I add to it throughout the year as I think of things that the girls mention that they would like to have.  I include clothing, toys, items for their rooms, etc.   (I also must say that I often encourage people to give my girls "experiences" such as zoo passes or gift certificates for art or cooking classes instead of "things" for gifts, but I know that they like to give them at least 1-2 fun things that the girls are wishing for.)


Favorite #1: Christmas Books

Right now, I am tearing through Christmas themed books! I CAN. NOT. STOP. READING. THEM!
I read Elin Hilderbrand's  Winter Street Trilogy. So Good. It had romance, and drama and heart and Christmas!

Now, I have moved onto Debbie Macomber's Christmas books!

They are all cute, fun, predictable reads, but light reading is my favorite type!

Favorite #2: Christmas Cards

I really enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards. I like to see what everyone has been up to. Even if it is the ever popular photo cards. 

I have one set of friends that send out a newsletter every year. I know what you are thinking...those newsletters can be irritating with their over the top Facebook style life displays of perfection! You all know what I mean. Everyone has SOMEONE they know send out these types of newsletters that make you question your own life choices, even when your life is pretty great! This family sends THE BEST newsletters. It still details their highlights over the course of the year, but the way they write it is hilarious. It has a dry, sarcastic humor to it. Christmas just isn't Christmas without their Christmas card.

Favorite #3: JMU Football

Trina and my alma mater's football team, the James Madison University Dukes are playing today in a HUGE (for our division) semifinal game. It is really exciting to see our team doing so well! I am not sure if I will have the opportunity to watch the game, but I will definitely be rooting for them in spirit! Go DUKES!!

Favorite #4: Delivery Services

This time of year, I do a LOT of online shopping. It is so much easier to do that than fight the crowds at the stores. And the men and women of the USPS, UPS and FedEx deserve a lot of credit. My mailman has been delivering on SUNDAYS. Whaaaatt?!?! Since when did that start?! And Amazon (another MEGA fave!) has been having things delivered by UPS on Saturdays and Sundays. Unbelievable! So, thank you to all of those out there putting in the long hours in cold and nasty weather so that we may get our packages! This Santa's helper is VERY grateful!


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  1. Ahhh the joys of Starbucks, online shopping, and Christmas books....we must be kindred spirits!

  2. I'm finally on Christmas break so I get to READ A BOOK! Ha! I'm reading Andy Cohen's latest, but Lauren Graham's sounds like a good one, too. Make sure to save the White House Christmas card- it'll be a fun memento for the kids one day. My parents have my great-grandfather's invitation for Ike's inaugural ball.