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Ladies Who Link : February - All Things Makeup!

Thanks for joining us on our monthly linkup up with A Gal Named Al!

I honestly do not wear a lot of makeup, but there are some products that I use daily and love!

Here are my makeup must haves:

1) It makeup brushes from Ulta-I only have the eye shadow and concealer brushes but they are honestly the softest makeup brushes that I have ever used.  They make application really easy.  

2) Benefit Fake-Up Undereye Hydrating Concealer-Under eye concealer is a MUST for busy moms!  I have tried many brands, but this one easy to apply, it is not "cacky", and I really can tell that it makes a difference with my dark circles.

3) Benefit Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara- As I have said before, I do not wear a lot of makeup, but I usually do not leave my house without wearing mascara.  This mascara by Benefit is one of my favorites because it lasts FOREVER and you honestly do not have to use an eyelash curler when you use it.  It can take a couple of tries with eye makeup remover before you can completely get it off of your lashes.  But, for most days I leave my house at 6:30 am and don't return until the late afternoon, so a mascara that LASTS and LASTS is exactly what I need!

4) Bare Minerals Eyeshadow "Top Shelf"-Besides mascara, the other makeup item that I rarely leave the house without is eye shadow.  For the past couple of years, my favorite has been this color palate from Bare Minerals.  Since I have medium skin and dirty blonde hair, these 2 colors work well for me.  This eye shadow lasts all day as well.  After a long day I do have to do minor touch ups, but for the most part it stays put.

5) SOHO Eye Pop Beauty Case-As I have blogged about before, my oldest daughter is on a competition dance team.  As a result, we have to take a lot of makeup with us to competitions.  I did research online for a case to use to keep everything in place (brushes, foundation, powder, eye makeup, hair clips, etc.). and this is the case that I chose.  My daughter and I both love it.  The compartments fold out, so there is plenty of room for all of the essentials.  I also like it because it is not too bulky, so it is easy to take with us from place to place.  It also looks really sleek.  I wouldn't mind having one for myself!

I hope that I have shared at least one new product that you can try.  I can't wait to read about all of your ideas!


Happy Thursday, Ladies!

Ok, so Trina is naturally beautiful, and my beauty routine is a little LOT more involved. See below!

Uhhh...I didn't exactly realize how much I required to look like an improved version of myself. As I carefully numbered each item, and it reached 19, I thought to myself...oh, my. No wonder my trips to Ulta are so pricey! Apparently, we have a lot to get to, so let's jump in! (By the way, these are not numbered in order of application or anything.)

1- bareMinerals Bare Pro foundation -I love this stuff! I use it everyday to even our my skin tone. I have always had problem skin, so this helps to cover up the unevenness. I love bareMinerals products because they have fewer chemicals than the average makeup. 

2- it Blush Brush-This whole line of brushes is amazing. As Trina said, they are soft and make applying makeup easy. I never knew using the brushes that come with the makeup were not the way to go. Also, I try to clean my brushes regularly. I have bought fancy cleaners in the past, but you can very easily use a mild shampoo and warm water. It is a little satisfying watching all the pigment go down the drain. Is that weird?

3- bareMinerals Blush in The Aphrosdisiac- You guys. I LOVE this color. I have been using it for 4 years now. I can't say enough about it.

4- bareMinerals (do you see a theme here?) Prime Time primer- I really like this primer. It is clear and goes on smooth. It really does help makeup stay put. I don't wear this everyday. Really only for special occasions or events when I need my makeup to last.

5- bareMinerals BareSkin Concealer - This is something I don't use everyday. But for those days when the dark circles under your eyes just won't go away, this does the trick. I like that you can sort of layer it to be sheer or give more coverage.

6- Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - I love this mascara. I especially love that it claims to curl your eyelashes for you. I am not 100% sure it does, but I like not having to use an eyelash curler because those things freak me out. I am always terrified I am going to poke my eye out or something. And it lasts a long time.

7- bareMinerals Warmth (bronzer) - I had gotten away from using this every day, but it just makes me feel polished. And less pale. I just like the way I look and feel when I wear it. A little goes A LONG way. I use #14 to apply it.

8- it All-Over Shadow/ Crease Brush - I think this one is pretty self explanatory. I use both ends. I actually use the crease side to blend my eye makeup together as a final step.

9- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese - I like to use this for special occasions when it might be a late night type of thing where I already look tired. Apply a little of this to the inside corners of your eyes and BOOM! You look awake! 

***Note: I added the same picture again, because I personally hate it when you are following one of these style posts and you have to scroll all the way back to the top to see what the heck they're talking about. I hope this helps!

10- Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette - I really really really enjoy this palette of colors. They are all fairly neutral and not super crazy. I like a more natural look. I have a smaller version of this for travel. See, isn't it cute? The large size is a little too large to haul around. 

11- it Smudger/Liner Brush- Another self-explanatory brush. Except I actually use the smudger end to apply eye shadow to my crease. 

12- it Brush - Ok, this one isn't labeled, so I have no idea what it is called. I use it to apply the lightest color all over my eyelid all the way to the brow.

13- NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker in Carbon Black- I have been using a Benefit eyeliner, but I found it smudges, so about a week ago, I tried this one and I like it so far. I like that it is skinny, so it goes exactly where I put it on. It can be tricky to apply eyeliner, but I am enjoying this method so far. If someone out these has the magic secret that prevents eyeliner from smudging, please leave a comment below!!!!

14- it Velvet Luxe LBD Foundation Brush - I love this brush! The velvet line of brushes is a little bit higher end. I bought it because it was so darn soft. I feels very luxe. It is black and even has a little rhinestone at the end of the handle. I use this one to apply the bronzer.

15- Goat Milk Stuff Lip Balm in Vanilla - I freaking LOVE this stuff! I have a tube of their Lip Balm with me AT ALL TIMES. It is smooth and silky, made by a sweet family with natural ingredients. Win, Win and WIN!

16- Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation - I rarely wear this. It is another product that I save for a special occasion when I need to look more polished. It does a good job at creating an even skin tone! And only takes two pumps to completely cover your face, so it will last forever.

17- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging - I feel like a broken record, but this stuff is amazing. It really does help keep your eye makeup in place. Just like the face primer above, this isn't something I wear everyday. I use it for those special/unusual times when I my makeup to last. Hanging at home all day with the kids, I don't need my makeup to last, you know what I'm saying.

18- Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien - Weird color name, but great color! I love how this is in pencil form, but it still is creamy and glides on with little effort.

19- BeautyBlender - This is a must to blend in your makeup. Nothing is worse than harsh lines on your face. I am a firm believer in only applying makeup to enhance your natural appearance rather than trying to look like a different person. Don't get me wrong, I am fascinated by those videos on the internet where people (even guys) apply makeup in such a way that they look like completely different people. But for everyday wear, I think makeup was created to make you feel like a more confident you.

I hope you learned about some new products! Is there anything better than finding new makeup? I look forward to reading about all of your makeup finds!


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  1. I've never used any of the benefit products, but now I'm thinking I should give some a try. Love the Urban Decay palettes too. Thanks for hosting! Happy Thursday!

    1. You really should! And the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta is amazing, if you are lucky enough to have one locally. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ooooh you gals are fancy! Love all of your picks! There are some really good dupes of the Urban Decay eye palettes out lately, too. The girls at EleventhGorgeous do some great videos to compare the products. Thanks for co-hosting! :)