Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ladies Who Link: April Edition - Favorite Target Finds

Today, we are hosting and linking up with A Gal Named AlCoast to CoastMommy In A Nutshell and Pink Lady!

If you have ever read our blog, you know we are HUGE fans of Target. And there is always something good to be found.

I went yesterday and found these gems!

These are from the dollar section. We have a Memorial Day Party every year and I thought these would be fun to stock up on.
I picked up the fun drink umbrellas and flamingo straws!!

They had cute glass resealable bottles with flamingos and matching drink stirrers and can cozies.

And more matching tableware.

And fairy lights!

Baby Shower decorations!

More party matching stuff.

Every end of school year, I get each of my kids some fun summer things as a last day of school gift. This section would be perfect to get that started! 

I LOVE Target's pajamas. I thought this shirt was cute, soft and I love the quote.

Gilligan & O'Malley pajamas are my jam. They are super cozy and I love them!!!

Another great Target find! Puzzles galore! I love to do puzzles! I grew up doing them with my Dad and now I am trying to get my kids into them. It is sort of like the adult coloring book phenomenon. Relaxing.

Another fun summer toy for the kids! Wubbles! The Easter Bunny brought my kids the water Wubbles.

These were a big hit last year! The bunch of balloons! This year they have added a filler gun. Using a hose was tricky. The filler gun might make its way into their summer fun bag!

Ok. This was THE COOLEST THING!! It is a brand called Antsy Pants. And they are selling kits to build and play for kids with easy to put together pieces! And covers to make lemonade stands! No more giant cardboard boxes needed to sell lemonade this summer! What a fantastic idea!

My kids (and new puppy!) would go nuts over this obstacle course in our yard! Might be a worthy investment to keep them occupied this summer!

Who doesn't love the mason jar trend? Ball has these new spiral jars that are so cute!! You know I had to grab some!

Look at those fun plastic glasses for summer! I loved all the colors and prints! Unfortunately, I didn't need glasses, but if you do, check them out! Super cute!

I love Frizz Ease!!! I have thick, wavy and fairly coarse hair. And Frizz Ease helps! It is one of my all time favorite Target finds!

I don't know about you, but I carry around water all day, everyday. And, I love my Thermos insulated water bottle with a straw. They are getting harder and harder to find in the size I use (I think it is 18oz.)!!! I thought I would give this Contigo insulated water bottle a go. I'll keep you posted!

Ok! I fell for it! I have "chicken skin" as I call it on the backs of my arms. I saw this ad on TV and I was sold! Bought it! Trying it!

And finally...Brit + Co craft kits!! I love their site and their social media!! Why not love their crafts too! I am a craft girl. I actually couldn't leave this there...

I have been dying to try to learn this calligraphy trend. So, I bought this one. I'll keep you posted on that as well!

Happy Target Shopping everyone! I can't wait to see what fun things you found! I will totally go back and see what I missed! Maybe tomorrow! Is it bad that a lot of the employees know me there?????

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please be sure to add your favorites to our linkup below!!


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  1. LOVE the dollar section!!! So fun to see you talk about the Antsy Pants section. A friend of mine actually worked on designing that entire line. So proud of her!!! (I'm going to send her this link so she can see you talked about it😉) Happy Thursday!!!

  2. I live in Gilligan and O'Malley jammies- I'm asking for a robe from them for Mother's Day. Thanks for co-hosting!

  3. You just gave me an excuse to make another trip to Target- I NEED those flamingo straws :)

  4. I was going to buy one of those antsy pants things the other day! We host a Memorial Day BBQ as well so I'll have to go check out their decor. Thanks!

  5. How have I missed this flamingo fun?!!