Tuesday, May 24, 2016

For the love of Target!

Welcome back to Moms' Coffee Date! You've got Sara today, so let's grab a cup of coffee, and let's discuss one of our very favorite places, Target! 

Trina and I had the opportunity to get together last weekend to visit. One of our staples in our schedule on the days we get to hang out is Target. We find ourselves wandering the aisles, Starbucks in hand, as we discuss the merits of the latest shoe collection they have, or which holiday items we must pick up without our children around. It's crazy how much Santa and the Easter Bunny find at Target!  Anyway, this time, I saw these gems below. I am a Pepsi fan, Trina is a Coke fan. We can see past our differences. Ha! 
We decided to give these new types a try on our day out!
Full disclosure: I love soda. I used to drink it all the time. Pepsi, in particular. Actually, Cherry Pepsi, in particular. In the last several years, I have tried really hard to only have it on occasion, in an effort to be healthier and cut back on my sugar consumption. (That may be another post for another day.)

So, on to the taste testing! So, first of all, we picked these right off of the shelf, so they were not cold. That would have been a big benefit. We both tried them when we got back to the car. I actually preferred the one in the darker can, the 1893 Original Cola. It reminded me a lot of Coke. It had that classic cola taste and carbonated flavor. Is that a flavor, exactly? I am not sure, but that it the best way I can describe it. Trina seemed to enjoy it as well, but she preferred the one in the sort of copper colored can, the 1893 Ginger Cola. She says she loves ginger and I think she quite enjoyed it. I was not as big a fan of it as she was. The ginger flavor was pretty strong. 

After that, we browsed a bit more, collecting snacks to take home to our children, and I picked up these super cute Threshold starfish pillows! I love the color teal and the fun texture of the buttons and beads! They were even on sale with the Cartwheel app! Score!
In addition, Trina and I were inspired by these ring pop popsicle/candy molds. Summer is fast approaching, and aren't we always looking for some novel thing to do with our kids? This seemed like a fun thing to try. Trina is going to test this one out and report back. I am saving mine for a last day of school gift for my 3 kiddos.  Did I mention my kids only have 8 days of school left?!? I don't know whether to be excited or terrified! Filling an entire of summer full of activities for 3 kids is daunting. More on that later!
Our cart at checkout!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope that you grab a coffee with us again soon!

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