Thursday, June 30, 2016

Camp Day 2 and red, white, and blue!

Day 2 of my daughter's camp required her to wear an outfit representing somewhere she would like to go in the world.  We looked through the items that we had at home and decided that she needed to be a hula girl!  She wanted a grass skirt to complete her look, so I checked Dollar Tree and found a cute one. (Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to find items for my kids and my classroom.  They have a little bit of everything and all for $1!!!)  I think that her costume turned out great!

After camp, we decided to make our house look patriotic in preparation for July 4.  My husband saw a great idea where you use spray paint and a star cutout to paint red, white, and blue stars in your yard.  Of course we had to try it!  First, we had to make our star template.  We used a box that we had in our attic for the cardboard.  Then, we used a ruler to draw stars on the cardboard and cut them out with a razor blade.  (We cut 2 stars because it would not make sharing necessary, which is sometimes easier with kids!)

We then took our stars and paint outside to get started.  (We used the cheapest paint that we could find at Walmart.)

We gave the girls old t shirts to cover their clothes before we started painting.  We also made them take off their shoes so that they would not ruin them with paint.  The process was very simple from there.  We had to remind the girls to not saturate one area too much with paint so that the paint would not run out too quickly.  It also helped to stay close to the ground with the paint so that the wind did not blow it everywhere.

The yard truly looked amazing afterwards!  We have had several neighbors comment on it already.  This is truly a simple, inexpensive way to make your house look patriotic and festive.  We will definitely do it again!


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