Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Day in the Life...

Hi everyone! Grab your favorite cup of whatever and take a peek at what life is like in my world!

I follow other blogs, and I love the recipes they post, fashion ideas and other tips. But by far, I find the posts about how they live an ordinary day to be absolutely fascinating! There are so many ways to live life, to pull back the curtain and see how other people do it is so interesting! With that said, I hope it's ok if I share a day in my life with you. If that's not for you, that's cool too!

Let's take today** for example. Today, I slept in, because it's summer!! Love, love, love the sleeping in part. And it was so strange that every single other person was sleeping still. I looked at the clock and it was 7am on the button. I shot out of bed remembering that today was the day to linkup with Mix & Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything blog! Trina and I have been wanting to reach more people and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  **Ok, when I say today, I actually mean yesterday! 

I jumped online, posted the Stranded post and headed over to Mix & Match Mama to find the linkup. Seriously guys, this was thrilling. It is a little scary to put your thoughts and life out there for the public to see and judge. It was fairly easy to linkup and boy was I excited that we got to be the 14th blog listed!

Is it crazy that I took a picture and sent it to Trina immediately? Probably, yes! But we are just seriously so excited to connect with you...yes, you! All of you!

After that, I posted our post on all of our current social media (FB, Instagram and Twitter). Once I texted Trina about 50 times to discuss our excitement, I decided it was time to get on with my day, because the morning was busy. 

I hopped in the shower. Nothing to see here, folks! I did the old shower cap trick to save myself from drying my annoyingly thick and wavy hair. In case you are wondering, I read the advice all over the place that washing your hair every day is bad. What?! I have to! But last year, I learned that if I wear a shower cap and pull out my bangs (because they get gross and greasy fast, you guys), I only have to wash and dry that part. Genius! Thanks to my  hair stylist, Janna, for pointing that tip out to me!

I got dressed in my new plaid shirt I bought last week, because I can't wait till Fall! I put on pants (well, shorts) too, btw. I rounded up the kids for breakfast because we needed to make a quick trip to one of my favorite places on Earth...Target!
We didn't have much time because we had another appointment a little later. It was an imperative trip because today Elliot got her BIG GIRL BED!!! Eddie picked it up for her last night while he was out for a business meeting. He happened to drive by a mattress store having a clearance and this was the last twin set they had! #meanttobe We had been talking to her about it, but it was a huge surprise to her to get it today. And me too, hence the rushed impromptu trip to Target to get a mattress protector. (I had already ordered these sheets: Mermaid Sheets, for cute and Flannel Sheets, for cozy!)
Setting up the frame. Holy cow it takes up most of the room!

Watching Daddy work is exhausting!

Daddy! Look at this!

Granny arrives to help watch the kids for the aforementioned appointment and see the new bed! Granny look at my new bed!

SO excited! 
Look! We all fit on the bed! 
After we got the bed together (the mattress protectors were still in the washing machine so I couldn't make her bed yet) Will and I had to dash off to his vision therapy appointment. What's that, you ask? Well, Will is entering into 3rd grade next year. Ever since he has started school (Pre-K), things weren't clicking for him. He is a really smart kid (yes, I know all parents think their kids are smart!) but something wasn't adding up. Each teacher had a different approach to helping. We even went to the optometrist to see if he needed glasses.  His first grade teacher had seen problems like this before and recommended a local behavioral optometrist. Long story short, even though he has 20/20 eyesight, his eyes and brain were not working together properly. So, for the last year and a half we have been in therapy to help correct it. It has made a HUGE difference in his abilities and his confidence. He has to wear glasses with progressive lenses. What?? For an 8 year old you say? I thought the same thing. But it really has helped. For more information, check this out.

One of today's exercises 
All smiles after!

I love hanging out with Will! It is so rare I get to hang out with my kids one on one, I will take any opportunity I can get! 

Then, we hit the grocery store. Ok, so not tons of fun, but it is definitely easier than shopping with 3 kids!

Hey Mom! Think I can lift this?!

He insisted I take this picture. Look at the squid holding the lobster tails! And he wanted me to tell you that it is Hank from Finding Dory. That kid cracks me up.

Here he is helping us check out. He was fussing over it the whole time. He cracks me up!

Yay! Almost done and ready to pick up lunch for everyone at home!

We love Panera! 

We got home and unloaded and ate. Of course, Elliot wanted to play in her room. She insisted that Eddie and I lie down with her. I escaped. Eddie...did not. He took a little nap. Must be comfortable!

Coloring for some quiet time before dinner!
 Will picked out a pepper to try at the grocery store to try with dinner. We don't normally eat spicy food. This was a huge surprise.  These pictures are comical, and the look on Elliot's face in the background is so funny!

Sibling love!

We got a selfie stick today from Amazon and we had a little fun trying it out! Love the bluetooth button on the handle to take the pictures!

Time for bed in her new bed!!

Once Elliot was in bed, the boys got to stay up, it is summer! Will had some of this. So good!

More selfie stick fun! Watching Parks and Rec!

The boys begged me to take this picture when we had to pause it to help the "big girl" back to bed.

After all the kids were in bed, I decided to take a bath. I use this concoction because a friend of mine told me these things would create a detox bath. I try to soak in it once a week or so. Since the kids have been up so late, lately, that hasn't been happening. In case you can't see...I use about 1/4-1/2 bag of the Epsom salt, sprinkle in some baking soda, and put a few drops of lavender essential oil. 

**Note: I was in the bath all of 5 minutes, when I was interrupted by a panicked 3 year old. I think she had a bad dream. We calmed her down and let her to fall asleep in our bed, and Eddie moved her into her bed at 10:30.  

Hope you enjoyed reading about our day! 

Thanks for hanging with me today, get it!

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