Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fondant First-timers

I have mentioned in a previous post how much my family enjoys watching the show Cupcake Wars. It is a great, family-friendly show!  (It is a nice break from the cartoons and other shows that they often watch on TV.)  My youngest daughter decided that she wanted to make cupcakes using her new cookbook and cupcake decorating kit today.  (My oldest daughter was in dance class most of the afternoon.)

The book is great!  It has step-by-step directions and photographs throughout to reference while you are making your cupcakes.  Here is the Amazon link: My First Cupcake Decorating Book.

The kit is also handy.  We did not use the pan/liners from the kit today because she wanted to make 12 cupcakes.  We did use the icing tools.

She decided that she wanted to make the pig cupcakes today.  She picked these because they were cute and they used fondant.  (On Cupcake Wars, they use fondant all of the time so she wanted to try it out for herself.)

We used the basic vanilla cupcake recipe that was in the book.  It was simple and my daughter was able to do most of it on her own.

While the cupcakes were baking, we made vanilla buttercream frosting and added pink food coloring. We also rolled out the fondant so that it would be ready when the cupcakes were cooled.  The fondant was easier to work with than I expected.  I found the type that we used at Walmart.

We had to microwave it for 10 seconds and roll it out on a cutting board.  We used round cookie cutters to cut out circles to make the pigs.

Once the cupcakes were cooled, we decided to fill some of them with the icing that we made.  (They use fillings all of the time on Cupcake Wars, so she decided our cupcakes were not authentic without a filling.)

We then used the 3 circles (small, medium, large) that we cut out of fondant to make the pigs body, face, and snout.  Then, we used black icing to draw the eyes and mouth.  We used a toothpick to make the holes in the snout.  Finally, we made ears (2 triangles) and a twisted tail for each one.

They definitely do not look exactly like the ones in the cookbook, but I think they look pretty great for our first time using fondant.  As far as the taste, they were extremely sweet but really tasty!  We will definitely be trying a new cupcake creation sometime soon!

I give a lot of credit to all of you bakers out there who decorate cupcakes with fondant on a regular basis.  It is fun but a lot of work!


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