Sunday, July 24, 2016

Giving Tie Dying a Try

We are always looking for new things to do in the summer.  It can be a challenge to keep kids busy.  I can't stand it when one of my girls says, "I'm bored!"  Don't get me wrong, I do not entertain them every second, but I do try to do at least 1 fun activity with them each day.  Both of my girls enjoy arts and crafts, so I took them to Hobby Lobby and told them that they could pick a craft.  My oldest daughter became very excited when she saw the tie dying supplies.  We decided that would be an activity that we could all do together.  I have not tie dyed t shirts since I was about 12 and went to summer camp.

Here are the kits that we purchased:

The kits came with squirt bottles with the powdered dye inside, plastic gloves, rubber bands, and an idea booklet.  We just had to add water the bottles and we were ready to tie dye!  We prepared the shirts by twisting them and adding rubber bands.  (The idea book was step by step.  It honestly was not hard at all.)  We chose the traditional swirl design and a striped design.

We used a wrapping paper roll to help us make the striped design.

We did everything in our garage since it can be a messy activity, so please ignore the mess in the background of the pictures!  Once the shirts were ready, we squirted the dye on different sections of the shirt.  Be sure not to mix the colors too much or it will turn to a muddy brown color.  We definitely splattered some dye and mixed some colors as we did our shirts, but they still turned out well!

Once you have finished dying the shirts, you have to wrap them in plastic wrap for 6-8 hours.  We chose to leave ours overnight because it says in the directions that the longer you leave the dye on the shirts the brighter the colors will be.

The next morning I rinsed out the extra dye from the shirts and washed and dried them.  Here are the results of the swirl design:

Here is the striped design:

For our first attempt, I thought that we did really well!  We will definitely be doing this activity again. Who knows what we might decide to dye next!


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