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Shopping the Summer Sales!

What's up, Coffee Daters! 
Who is up for joining me on an extremely rare SOLO trip out!? 

This week my all 3 of my delightfully adorable children were at day camps at their school. That allowed for Trina's and my rare IN PERSON extended coffee date! I hope you enjoyed following us during the day at our various stops on Instagram last Monday. And Wednesday, I went to the mall. By myself.

*Pause for dramatic effect.*

The last time I went to the mall by myself...hmmm...I would fail that quiz if I had to answer. I normally only shop online. So I took full advantage of it! First stop...Nordstrom for the fabulous Anniversary Sale. I have recently opened a card account there so I was able to shop with the cardholders before the general public. Full disclosure: I am receiving no benefit from telling you about these products. Just trying to help my fellow moms out with finding some cute clothes! Friends, there were some pretty good deals.

First stop, the women's department.
Peasant TopFavorite Jeans (different wash though), Flip Flops/Sandals
I thought this top was super cute. It was a nice fabric, had a cute pattern and would be cute with blue jeans or white jeans. I am a jeans girl. I live in them. Like, everyday. Just about no matter the occasion. These jeans are admittedly pricey, but they have the right amount of stretch and wash well. These are regular jeans I cuffed. They work great in winter with boots and cuffed in the summer. They are my very favorite jeans!! And the FitFlops! SO comfortable. If you don't own a pair, I think you need to rethink your life choices. Kidding. Obviously. These are a nicer looking pair, the sole isn't quick as thick as their original versions. The thicker sole (like this one) does mold better to your feet for a long day of walking. I have worn them to amusement parks (not this particular pair because of the leather) and not been sorry. But this particular version is great for comfort and cuteness. Also, somewhat of an investment.

Ok, sorry for the quality of these pictures, but I wanted you guys to see how cute keyhole cutout was in the back. I know. I am new to this fashion blogging thing. I am trying to improve the pictures. I love to read other people's fashion blogs and am inspired by what others wear. ANYWAY, I loved how the top has that high-low cut. And the material was so soft and stretchy. I think the only drawback was that you have to "lay flat to dry." Ugh. Why can't everything just go into the dryer!?

These tees are great! They are comfy, cute and wash well and CAN go in the dryer!!! I just discovered them through a friend. I may have bought multiple colors. But, you know... the sale!! It isn't Tuesday, but I think you should grab a few and, Treat Yo'Self!

Next, I wandered over to the "intimates" section.

Ladies. Have you seen this brand of pajamas? Why has no one mentioned them to me before? I am questioning all of my friendships now. Friends don't let friends lounge uncomfortably. I took this picture of the label to remember these. They were so soft. Like curling up in the softest teddy bear you can imagine. I have asked for these pants for my birthday, which just happens to be next week! While there, I also picked up a couple of these camisoles since they were on sale. They are very comfortable and help to smooth you out a bit. I wear tanks/camisoles a lot in the fall/winter as an extra layer and under too sheer things in the spring/summer.

Since I was sans children (because let's face it, they would never want to eat here), I decided to make my next stop:lunch in the Nordstrom Cafe!

Sorry, it looked so good, I dove in and forgot to take a picture for you to live vicariously through my day with me. I had the blackened salmon caesar salad. It was so, so good. 

After stuffing myself, I headed over to the Juniors' section. I know what you are thinking. Um, lady, you are turning 38 this week. You are FAR from a junior. Yes. Trust me, I feel you. Some of these other bloggers I follow have posted some really cute stuff from there, and while they are younger than me, not by that much. I thought I would stop by to see what could be made age appropriate. Don't worry, no crop top pics will follow!

I tucked it in and left it out, so you could see both ways. I loved it in person. I am not sure it translated on these iPhone pictures. 

This fabric felt so good. It was soft and stretchy. And if you haven't noticed yet, I am a huge stripe fan. I couldn't leave it there. I had to force myself to stop at this one, and fight my usual urge to buy any shirt I like in multiple colors. They had another one in olive and white stripes.

Next stop: Loft!

This top was great! I love the gauzy fabric and the length! And the cute pattern! I know you can't really see but it is purple (I think you will start to notice a theme here!) and white with a small geometric (?) pattern. I sized down because it was so long. It made the armholes a bit smaller, but I like that it wasn't gaping open.

I really loved these two tops. They fit really well and are basically a dressed up t-shirt. I thought they were actually pretty flattering. I love the feminine ruffle on the bottom. I ended up with both the teal and white. The white wasn't too sheer. It was a tiny bit, but not so much you feel the need to wear something underneath. I also think the addition of the necklace from J.Crew (no link because it was on clearance...sorry!) dressed it up a lot. 
I even wore it already this week with these gingham shorts I got from a quick stop into J.Crew! I got lots of compliments on the shorts that day! (Again pardon the poor quality photo. This is in my bedroom and the light is not great where the mirror is located.)

I absolutely loved the dressed up feeling of this shirt. It is literally a plain black t-shirt with fancy sleeves. It is a great length, good feel, and cute! Check, check and check!

I tried the pink one on, because the black one was really cute, why not get another in pink? Uh, because it really WAS too sheer. Hey, look everyone! You can totally see my bellybutton and my bra through the shirt. I didn't want to have to wear something underneath. So, that one went back. And P.S., what do you think of my face? My friend calls that my sitcom face. I make weird faces. 

I saw this on the way to the dressing room and grabbed it on a whim. I love this flowy top! Dressy without being uncomfortable. After I tried it on, I grabbed this one...

I think I might have a thing for this color purple right now. What do you think?

Also great in this purple color!

Thanks for coming with me on this shopping trip. I hope this was helpful for anyone looking to take advantage of the sales at the moment to look for some new clothes! 


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