Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cast Iron Skillet Cookie

Hello Friends!

Today, we are celebrating the birthday of one of my closest friends. She is not a big cake fan, so this is the third year in a row that she has requested that I make her this skillet cookie.  People at the party every year go crazy for this thing! This year, her party has grown in size, and I needed to make TWO!

It's no mystery why it is so darn good. I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe. You can find it here at the Food Network website. She is one of my go to Food Network people for recipes. I love to watch her show. She is fascinating to watch. I love all of her little baskets of food she makes and delivers to her loved ones. I just love her. She could deliver one to my house any day! I am pretty sure we would be fast friends if we ever met. End fantasy here. ;)

Here is my process.

Butter and lots of it, seemingly a must in all of Ree's recipes.

And lots and lots of sugar. Ok, I made a double recipe which is why everything seems a little wonky.

The rest of the ingredients went in to make these beauties before they went into the oven. 

 My helper. She loves to lick the spatula when we are done! 

They are finished! The dough was pretty tasty, so I have hope that everyone will be happy!

 Side note: Elliot wanted this for lunch while the cookies were in the oven. At this point in the summer, I feel like I might scream if I have to make yet another box of Mac & Cheese. Anyone else with me???

We do really love Annie's Mac & Cheese though. To make it even creamier, I add a dollop of cream cheese in with the butter while it is melting. It is pretty tasty, so maybe I understand why she wants it for lunch multiple times a week!

Next time you need a birthday cake alternative, I hope you'll give this a try!!

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