Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fun in and around Wilmington, NC

My family was fortunate to be able to visit the beach 2 times this summer.  The beach is our absolute favorite place!  This time we went to Carolina Beach near Wilmington, NC. Wilmington, NC is one of my favorite places because it is beautiful and there is plenty to do.  We have been going as a family to this beach for years.  Here is a picture of my little munchkins 5 years ago in the same beach house:

We enjoyed playing the water and the sand on most days of our trip.  

We also used my father-in-law's metal detector one evening on the beach.  My daughters like to look for "treasure".  My father-in-law buried some replica Spanish coins in the sand without them knowing so that the girls would definitely find something.  They had a blast!

We also wanted the girls to have the experience of visiting some of the interesting sites around Wilmington, NC.  One day we took a trip to the Battleship North Carolina, which is a battleship that was used in World War II.  It is such a neat experience to tour the ship and see what life was like for the people on board.

There are A LOT of steps and tight spaces on the tour!  We definitely got a workout!

The girls are looking up at me from one of the many ladders that we climbed on our visit.

It is a self-guided tour throughout the ship.  There are arrows on sailor cutouts (as seen above) to help you along the way.

Here are their beds.  I cannot imagine what it must have been like to sleep in such tight quarters on a moving ship!

This was my youngest daughter's opinion of the bathrooms on board!

They literally had everything on the ship since they would be on board for such a long time, including a dentist's office.  Above is where they would read the x-rays.

Look at the short doorways!

This is where they would serve the food.

I did not include all of the photos from my visit because I took so many!  We had a great time.  It was definitely something that the whole family enjoyed.  If you are ever in the Wilmington area, it is worth visiting.

We also walked along the riverwalk in Wilmington.  It is such a beautiful walk around the downtown area.

Our final stop in Wilmington was the Burgwin Wright House.  It is a home from 1770 that was built on top of a jail.  It was an interesting tour, but not as kid-friendly as other tours that we have taken. You can tour the home for a cost, but the gardens are free.

Above are the girls posing in front of the entrance to the old jail.

Above are the gardens surrounding the house.

Overall, we had a fabulous trip to Carolina Beach and Wilmington, NC.  I hope that we are giving our kids experiences that they will never forget!


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