Thursday, August 18, 2016

Road Tripping With Kids

I know summer is the season of traveling! I may be a little late to the party with this post, since it is the end of the summer, but we haven't really been on a long road trip yet.

My family and I are about to embark on what I consider to be a lengthy road trip. 7 hours counts for that, right? It's long to me! And to the kids! We started a tradition a few years back and the kids now look forward to it!

I buy cupcake boxes like this one from Hobby Lobby. I like them because they are not too big to keep in the backseat with them. And the little window is great because they can see they contents!
The boys get plain brown craft colored boxes that I write their names on and decorate to differentiate them from one another. That way no one gets confused about which is which. Elliot gets a pink polka dot box this time! I remove, or really never put in, the little cupcake dividers. 

Inside, I put little snacks and a small surprise or two to keep them occupied and FED in the car! I don't know about you, but I think keeping kids well fed on a car trip, makes for (mostly!) happy and quiet kids. All bets are off on a road trip. They can eat the junk we don't normally eat, and they can play their games as much as they want.

If you are really organized, (I am not usually) you can pack new items for the return trip to refill the boxes. But the beauty is, you can just toss them at your destination if you like, or reuse them.
This is one surprise the boys are going to get in their bags. They have been wanting one for a while to help keep their devices charged when playing Pokémon Go.

 Here are their finished boxes!
Will's Box

Gavin's Box

Elliot's Box

They are already begging for a sneak peek! I hope you find these ideas helpful for your next road trip!


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