Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites! September 23rd

I've been reading these Friday Favorites posts on my favorite bloggers sites, and this Friday, I decided we should join in!

Sara's Favorite #1 and Fall Bucket List Item!

Let's kick it off with Fall TV Premiere Week! That is absolutely a favorite! I have been waiting all summer to get some episodes of some of my favorite shows and check out some new ones!

I am most excited for Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Middle to begin again. Except The  Middle isn't coming back until October 11th?!? Ugh! The waiting continues!
I also was excited to check out some new shows! I watched Kevin Can Wait and The Good Place and This Is Us.
Kevin Can Wait makes it on my maybe list. The Good Place was cute! But somehow missing something. I am up for waiting to see how that one turns out. This Is Us is seriously amazing. Not to overstate it, but I was blown away. Please watch this if you can. GREAT show.


Sara's Favorite #2

Clothes for me!

I was so in love with some shirts I got from Loft this summer, I decided to try this super cute dress. It is flattering, and the fabric is thick enough that is skims over any lumps/bumps. This color is called Midnight Slate only available online, but the do also have a pretty lighter color blue version, also.

And these shoes! I LOVE them!! Ok, TMI time...I have bunions. It's embarrassing and there really should be a better name for them, because it just sounds disgusting. If you don't have them...lucky you! But they are just bones sticking out of the side of your feet that make it next to impossible to find shoes that fit. Forget the cheap ones, because they will not accommodate my wide, bony feet. 

These Rockports I got from Zappos, are AMAZING. Right out of the box, they were comfortable! They fit actually true to size! I almost always have to size up to accommodate the width. These are offered in wide, so that helped. I have bought black and these "warm taupe" ones. I may have to get more. Before these shoes, I basically totally gave up on wearing heels.  you suffer from this too, please commiserate with me in the comments! And any shoes you have found to be comfortable!

It has pockets!! Any dress with pockets is a winner in my book! 

This weekend, I had the rare opportunity to go to a physical Loft store!! Insert shocked face here. The super cute salesgirl, Katie, totally talked me into trying on these cool steel grey (the color, not my description!) leggings. I normally do not buy pants from Loft, because in the past, they have just not quite fit me correctly. I begrudgingly tried them on, and I love them! They are comfortable and flattering. I am considering getting another color.  I did go one size up.

I also got this tee in the cream and gray! It was very soft and comfortable. I believe that every girl needs fresh basic tees every year. These will be great to layer with other things, and of course, scarves!

I #loveloft !

Sara's Favorite #3

Blogging! I think of my life in a different way since Trina and I started this blog in May.  I think of myself as a "realist" where I balance some pessimism with optimism.  This new venture of ours, is helping me to put the emphasis on being and thinking more positively. I can see things in a better light, because that is the way I want to share things with you! I am feeling more grateful these days!

Also, I feel like blogging has helped me to be closer to Trina! I get to talk to her more about it and I get to see what she is up to regularly! We get to see each other so infrequently, I am really loving seeing her and her family more!

And, I am so glad to be part of the blogging community! I have found some of the nicest people already! And there are so many things I have learned. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!


I have been "off the grid" lately because I have been trying to get used to my new schedule!  My daughter's both dance (A LOT!) and my youngest daughter is taking a theater class again.  Running them to these activities after teaching 5 year olds is EXHAUSTING!  I am slowly adjusting to all of it!  I know that a lot of you are in the same boat as me.  Being a working mom and trying to get kids to after school activities can be overwhelming and tiring.  This long tangent leads me to one of my favorites...chocolate covered espresso beans!  I found some that I love at The Fresh Market.  I have always been a caffeine addict, but I love the taste and the quick energy that they seem to give me.  I don't know if it is all in my head, but I do feel more energetic when I eat a few.  

My second favorite is also one of Sara's...the show This is Us!  It was AMAZING!  I was a huge Parenthood fan, so I was excited to see another show that would pull at the heartstrings and entertain as well.  If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it.  I am already hooked after 1 episode!  I can't wait for more!

Image result for this is us tv show
Another favorite is a chicken noodle soup recipe that I tried last weekend.  My girls and I both love chicken noodle soup, so I looked online for an easy slow cooker recipe.  It has been a little hot for soup, but I wanted to make something that we could eat for a few days with our crazy schedule.  I will definitely make it again!  My kids are picky and they both liked it a lot.  It is not easy to find something that everyone will eat, so once I find a recipe that my family will eat without fuss I am excited!  See the recipe below or check out this link Chicken Noodle Soup.

Finally, blogging is definitely one of my favorites!  I enjoyed working on it so much this summer, and I am determined to do a better job this fall.  I love sharing ideas and blogging with my best friend who is miles away.  I need to take more time for myself and spend more time doing things that I enjoy, like blogging. 


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  1. Such a fun favorites, you look adorable in that shirttail hem shirt! Such a doll! I am so in love with This is Us as well and always a fan of chicken noodle soup especially this time of year! Have a fabulous weekend

  2. Well, aren't you sweet? Thank you, Andrea! I agree about the chicken noodle soup, I am going to have to try Trina's recipe! Hope you have a fabulous weekend as well! Thanks for the checking us out!

  3. OK, I'm going to have to go back and watch This Is Us! I keep hearing about how amazing it is. I'll catch up this weekend while I binge on all of the other premiers on my DVR. I'm so excited to have some of my favorite shows back on TV.

  4. Sam, you absolutely should! It was one of those great shows that is all interconnected. Seriously amazing. I am excited for the return of some other great shows too! Thanks for commenting and checking us out!

  5. If you haven't watched Black-ish yet on Wednesdays, you should totally try it. We always caught the first few minutes after Modern Family and we've been hooked!

    1. Thanks! I do watch it sometimes, depends on whether or not I have already fallen asleep on the couch!;)

  6. Love your fall attire!! Thanks for the Chicken Noodle Soup recipe :)