Friday, July 1, 2016

Popsicles 2 ways!

Hey coffee daters!

Was that weird?  Maybe. Anyway, since it is summer, I am always looking for ideas for simple "projects" for my kids to do. I use the term project loosely because these popsicles were so easy, it took little to no effort. But it did keep them off of their devices for a little bit.
My 3 crazy children!
I let my kids use a cola from Whole Foods and an orange flavored Fanta in the Ring Pop mold I told you about here. They (and I) love the smaller size of the popsicles. Less mess and they feel like they got a big treat!

Oops! Sorry it's blurry!

Next, we used the same sodas mixed with ice cream in larger molds to make ice cream float style popsicles. You can find some just like them here!
Funny face and photobomb! P.S. Pay no mind to the collection of what appears to be beer bottles behind my daughter. They are. My husband likes to home-brew beer. He reuses bottles. They drive me crazy sitting on the counter waiting for him to bottle his latest creation!

We filled them partially with ice cream, poured in the soda and gently stirred it to mix with a bamboo skewer.

Ready for the freezer!
 A few hours later...

Pure joy! And a posed picture.

I hope your kids like them as much as mine did!


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