Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Giant Scissors and Zac Brown Band!

Hi Everyone, and how's that for a title?!

Let me explain what that means. I am not even sure how to begin this...but I have just completed, quite possibly the best week of my life. And I thought I would share my happiness with all of you. 

My family business is in real estate development. I am the 3rd generation to do this, and the previous generations have passed away. My husband, Eddie, has become the leader of our little (seriously, we employ 1.5 people other than ourselves) company. I appreciate him (and Shauna and Paula - our 1.5 people!) so much for handling the day to day tasks of our business so that I may be home taking care of the kids and all that encompasses the home front. And blogging for you! Are you bored yet? Ok, I will get to the point. 

Last week, we were able to attend the Grand Opening of our latest project. This project is especially near and dear to my heart because it is the first one that our team, since the previous generations have passed away that we have completed from start to finish on our own AND it is the very last piece of our family farm, other than the actual Farmhouse  (click for more on that if you are interested). I know what you are thinking...that sounds weird. Well, in the world of real estate development it takes forever to go from the inception of the idea to the finished project. I won't bore you with the details! 

So, at said event, I GOT TO HOLD THE BIG SCISSORS(!!!!!!!) at the ribbon cutting...WITH THE MAYOR! What!? I have attended events at previous projects, but never ever gotten to do this. This was such a thrill to me. 

There I am! My sweet husband is on the end in the plaid shirt, holding up the ribbon. Can you tell how excited he was too?

Ok, so probably what hooked you to read this was probably not my geek out with giant scissors (come on though, I got to hold GIANT SCISSORS!). Let's get to the good stuff.

So, my birthday was on Saturday, and we had the unbelievable last minute privilege to be invited to a fundraiser for an amazing organization called the ORPHANetwork where the Zac Brown Band was going to be playing that night. It was held in someone's backyard. read that correctly. Zac Brown Band played in someone's BACKYARD. I have obviously entered some sort of alternate universe. And on my birthday. 

Friends...this was an amazing night. One for the record my life anyway. 

It rained pretty hard as we arrived. But honestly, the weather did not dampen the excitement or the fun! The picture above is just as we got there, with our sweet friend, Ross, who invited us. I should also mention it was a White Party. It wasn't the greatest to be wearing white in the rain!

We enjoyed meeting and mingling with new and old friends before the show.

Love how close we were able to be! These were even taken with an iPhone! No zoom lens or anything. 

Here we are totally loving every moment! And sweating. A lot. It was THE. BEST. NIGHT! And birthday!! We had so much fun and were so grateful to be part of a fundraiser that helped such a great cause! I think I might just be the luckiest girl! (Can someone please remind me of this feeling the next time I get frustrated with my kiddos?) This birthday was seriously the best. I was able to spend time with and hear from so many great friends and family. I feel so loved!


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