Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites! September 30th

It has been a crazy week for me because I was preparing for my Back to School night, but I am back and excited to share some of my favorites!

Trina's Friday favorite #1 is the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta!  It is AMAZING!  Sara and I both got our brows done when we met up on Sunday.  My eyebrows are quite thick and not easy to manage on my own, so when I get my brows done I always go to Ulta.  They really take their time and do a great job.  I really wish that I had a before and after picture to show you!  Give them a will not be disappointed!

Image result for brow bar ulta

Favorite #2
Speaking of Benefit...their mascara (They're Real) has been a favorite of mine for a while.  Thanks to Sara for introducing me to it! It makes my lashes appear longer and fuller.  I love it!  I will say that you definitely need eye makeup remover to take it off because it truly lasts forever.

Image result for benefit mascara they're real

Favorite #3
My girls and I love to watch "Dancing with the Stars" together.  It is great, mindless tv that I can enjoy with them.  I look forward to watching it with them every week curled up on the couch.  It is hard to find a show that both parents and kids can equally enjoy. We love to laugh at the "stars" and my dancer girls love to critique their technique.  More than anything, I love spending this time with my 2 favorite girls!

Favorite #4
Here is another favorite recipe that my family loves...hashbrown casserole!  It is delicious!  It does contain cheddar cheese, sour cream, and butter, so it is not diet-friendly. I only make it about once a month.  It is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  It also heats up well.  My oldest daughter (who is EXTREMELY picky) truly eats it for every meal!  I made it this week since I knew it was going to be a busy week.  Enjoy!

My Favorites this week, are mostly products I have been dying to share with you! I have never been able to think of a way to share them with you, until I discovered Friday Favorites! Thank you to ErikaNarciAndrea for hosting this linkup!

Favorite #1

My latest shipment

Ok, guys. This family owned and operated business is AWESOME. They are a sweet family with a sweet backstory. I say that like I know them. I don't. Ha! BUT they send out monthly email newsletters and their website conveys their awesomeness. It makes me want to support them even more. In addition to what great people they are, I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

I started using them by trying their soaps more than 4 years ago. They smell great and are gentle on skin. Once I fell in love with their soap, I decided to try another product.

So next, I tried their Lip Balm. I freaking LOVE their lip balm. It is everything you want from a lip balm. It is smooth, lasts a long time, and I love to give it as gifts and as stocking stuffers.

I know I have mentioned that I am into natural products. I have been trying to use products without all harmful chemicals since the big BPA scare of 2008. Will, my youngest son, was using bottles at the time, and it opened my eyes to the types of things I allow into our home and into our bodies.  I started looking at all of the things my family uses and trying to find replacements that are less chemical-laden. I don't ALWAYS use completely chemical free things, but I do really try to minimize our exposure.

As a way to move away from chemicals, I have, over the years, gone through every body product we use and try to find something to replace it. One of the things I wanted to do was switch to a deodorant that was not an anti-perspirant. Boy, was that a challenge! Goat Milk Stuff has, HANDS DOWN, after trying many different products, the BEST deodorant (I use the Citrus Tea!) without anti-perspirant I have found.  (I won't bore you with the details of my research, but definitely check out how the aluminum in anti-perspirant can effect you if you are interested, and decide for yourself.)

And finally, this time I am trying their Bath Fizzy (like a bath bomb but you can decide how much you want to use) and Sugar Scrub cubes. 

I hope my soapbox speech didn't scare you away! I just wanted you guys to know how great their products are whether you are trying to go natural or not!

Favorite #2

I got to see Trina this weekend!!

That is ALWAYS a favorite! She is seriously the best. I hope you are all enjoying getting to know her.  We had a great day, shopping, going to the Brow Bar (as she mentioned above) at Ulta, getting Starbucks and enjoying on our bench, and eating lunch together! It is always great to enjoy time with her on our extended Moms' Coffee Date!

This was one of my favorites this week too!  -T

Favorite #3

While on our date, one of the places we went was Barnes & Noble. I am a member there, so I was able to get a fantastic 20% off of these Lego Advent Calendars. Those of you who buy Legos know this is crazy good, because it seems like they never go on sale!

Every Thanksgiving, after we eat dinner, I give each of my kids a gift to kick off the Christmas season! It contains things they can use for the season like these Lego Advent calendars, Christmas pajamas, hot chocolate mix, candy canes or anything that is Christmas themed like that. It isn't anything huge or overblown, but just a few fun items to start the season and they can enjoy in the weeks to come! 

This year, I have already collected a few things. These Lego City Advent Calendars for the boys, and a Lego Friends Advent Calendar for Elliot. I will post later all the things I have collected so you can see!  This is a really fun tradition that the kids (and I!) enjoy every year.

Favorite #4

Sam's Club

We have not been members of Sam's Club for probably 4 years. We went this past weekend and rejoined. We always enjoy walking around and seeing all they have to offer. And the samples! Love those on a weekend! 

 In addition, my husband, Eddie, is into preparing for emergency situations lately, it is like his latest hobby. So, we went in search of food that can be stored, flashlights, batteries, paper products, etc.

Here's why: living on the East Coast, hurricanes can pose serious issues for several days with power loss and flooding, etc. And in the winter months to come, we could face winter weather issues. We have always tried to keep supplies around in an effort to be prepared so that we are never caught off guard. It has always sort of been my job to keep us prepared, so I appreciate his recent attention to it. I know what you're thinking...this is a Mom's blog, why in the world are you talking about emergency preparations?? 

I was a Girl Scout briefly, and I really believe everyone should be prepared for unexpected emergency situations. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, right? As a family of 5, plus my mom, and my niece and nephew, necessary supplies for 8 people in an emergency might be hard to come by. Preparedness is key, and Sam's Club was a big help this weekend to help us refresh and replenish our supply box! 

Favorite #5

Maybe not natural, but it might help in an emergency! Kidding, not kidding! 

This tastes so much like root beer! It is THE BEST Hard Root Beer I have tried. Sometimes, when we have pizza, this satisfies my desire for a beer with pizza and my love of soda! I don't really drink soda anymore. I do miss it, but I try not to drink it often, so this is a great compromise! Seriously, SO GOOD!

I LOVE this drink too!  I was a skeptic, but once I tried it I was hooked. -T

Happy Friday! And Hope You Enjoy Your Weekend!


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  1. There's a brow bar at ULTA? My eyebrows are so think and blonde, I need some serious help. I get them waxed but would love to dye them to make them darker. I wonder if they can help....

  2. There really is! I will say, EVERY Ulta does not have a Brow Bar, so check yours! And it does require an appointment! Hope you find one and love it like we do! Thanks for stopping by our blog!!

  3. I really need to go to a brow bar!! THe goat's milk stuff looks so interesting!! And that hashbrown casserole looks AMAZING!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! The brow bar is amazing! I hope you give the Goat Milk Stuff a try! I want to know what you think if you do! And I want to try the hash brown casserole too! -Sara