Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 1 BlogHer Challenge

Ok, so I might be a day late! 

We are going to attempt to fully participate in this November Blogging Challenge! If you are a blogger too, you should join us! #NaBloPoMo And the other hundreds or even thousands of other bloggers.

Today, (well yesterday) BlogHer post prompt to the question, 
"When you're having a bad day with your mental health, what do you to help yourself?"

Hmmm. Well, I do what I take comfort in. I find solace in being with my family and relaxing.

What does relaxation look like for me?

*I sometimes do yoga. namely Yoga With Adriene. I love her. Her attitude and kind words alone calm me down. And the yoga is awesome too.

*I watch TV. Anything light and funny. Or just plain happy. Think sitcoms, reality TV and Hallmark movies!

*If I can sneak away, I soak in the tub. More on that HERE.

*I do my best to put it all in perspective. I have so much, in the spirit of Thanksgiving this month, so be thankful for. I have my health. I have a wonderful family. They only irritate me sometimes. Kidding, not kidding. I love them dearly. I have a roof over my head, and food to eat, and warm clothes to wear. Can I sometimes get caught up in the daily annoyances? Frequently. I try really hard to check back in to those things I just said that I am so very grateful for.

*I also love to read. I don't have a lot of time for it these days, but I love a good chick lit novel. Here are two examples of super light escapism type books.

What do you do to calm yourself and relax?


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