Thursday, November 3, 2016

Weekend Fun with Rockie!

Is it just me or does it already feel like Halloween was weeks ago, and everyone has already moved on to Thanksgiving (if they have even stopped there!!) and Christmas!

We had a busy weekend leading up to Halloween, my sweet in-laws came into town to visit we packed it full of fun!

Elliot got to bring home her "class dog," Rockie. Not a real dog!  She seemed to really enjoy that. So, Rockie joined us in everything we did!

Posing with Rockie

 Making Cookies!

Hanging out with Dad

 Eating Panini Grilled Cheese

S'mores in the Backyard with Rockie

Doughnuts Saturday Morning

Took a Field Trip to the Beach

Carved Pumpkins! Or well, decorated a pumpkin!

Elliot really enjoyed getting to do this! Rockie crammed a lot into the weekend! Notice the many outfit changes? I do so much laundry! She is constantly changing her clothes!! What a little diva!

I hope you enjoyed their adventures from this weekend!


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