Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites! October 14th

Happy Friday! 
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This week my very top favorite is ELECTRICITY!

Where I live in Virginia, was affected by Hurricane Matthew. By the time he reached us, he was downgraded to a post-tropical storm or something, but still there was a lot of damage in our area, and people are still dealing with it.

We were very lucky. We had no major damage to our home. We did, however, lose power for 40 hours. Yes, I counted!  We were absolutely one of the lucky ones, as we had prepared in advance! And several years ago, we had a generator installed, so we had power to the essentials, like the refrigerator and some lights and a few outlets. Very helpful in keeping all of our devices charged!!

My next favorite is celebrating this guy's birthday with his school friends a few days early!

We had a video game bus come and park in front of our house. Several of Will's friends came and ate pizza and a cookie cake (he has recently decided he doesn't like cake anymore...whaaaa?!?). Afterwards, they all went out on the bus and played together. I think they had a really good time! I enjoyed getting to talk to some of the other parents while they did it!

Favorite #3

I got to cross another Fall Bucket List item off! I know Trina and her family already picked pumpkins in a pumpkin patch! We do something a little different. We go to the same family owned farm stand every year. We had a day off of school on Wednesday and picked out our pumpkins to carve/paint. Here are a few pictures from that excursion!

Look-they have their own Fall Bucket List! #FallBucketListMCD


Obligatory Family Pic!

Favorite #4

Trina's Birthday! 

I know I have said it before, but I am just so grateful to have Trina in my life. She is just the type of friend you hope to have. Sweet, supportive and kind, funny and smart, sarcastic and I never wonder if she has my back. She is and always has been a true friend. So, I am happy to say her birthday is a favorite, because SHE is my favorite! 

Happy Birthday, Trina!! Love you!!


Favorite #1
I know that I mentioned boots last week, but I have found some affordable ankle boots that I LOVE!  
They are Croft & Barrow brand from Kohl's.  I got them in both brown and black.  They are really comfortable and I love that they have a little heel.  I am only 5'3", so any extra height is appreciated! Here is the link for the boots:
They are on sale now for $39,99.  They run sales all of the time, so I was actually able to get them for 30% off that price earlier this week.

Favorite #2
Sara and I talk about shopping at Loft all of the time.  Their clothes are affordable and stylish.  This month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they have a Loft Cares card that you can purchase. The card costs $25 and 90% of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer research.  In addition, you get 20% off your purchase of $100 or more each time that you shop between now and November 15.  If you have the Loft card, you get 25% off.  I bought one last weekend and it saved me a lot of money, and money was also given to a great cause.  It is definitely a win, win situation!

Favorite #3
My birthday is today! I am turning 38 and not afraid to admit it!  The older that I get the more I realize that age truly is a number.  I do not feel 38.  (Well, most of the time I don't!) When I look back at my life, I would not change a thing.  I have definitely had ups and downs, but they have made me who I am,  I hope that I don't sound like a cliche'!  My family and I are going out to dinner and my girls always make me sweet gifts.  It sounds like a perfect day to me!

Have a great week!

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  1. Happy birthday! Glad to hear you guys didn't experience any damage with the hurricane!

  2. Thank you! It was certainly a relief! And I had no idea how much we all take power for granted!