Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites! October 21st

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Favorite #1
Another #FallBucketListMCD item can be checked off...fall craft with kids!  I cannot take the credit for this craft, but they turned out so cute!  My sister in law did a pumpkin craft with my kids on Sunday.  They hot glued wine corks together and painted the outside orange.  Then, they added another cork on top that they painted green.  Finally, they added a small leaf.  The result was an adorable pumpkin.  I love them!  It was very easy and my girls had a great time making them.  I will definitely be adding them to my fall decor.

Favorite #2
My family FINALLY got a new car!  This may not sound like a huge deal to some of you, but my family drives cars into the ground.  My last car was 12 years old and we had started to have issues with it, so we decided it was time to look for a new car.  As we looked around, we decided to stick with the car that we had before, the Honda CRV.  We love it!  Interest rates are great now for the 2016 models.  I know that I will probably have this car for the next 12 years, but right now I am excited for the new car smell and the lack of french fries and other random items between the seats!
Favorite #3
My family is going away for the weekend to Massanutten Resort in Massanutten, Virginia.  It is in the northwestern part of Virginia.  It is a beautiful, mountainous area with beautiful views of fall foliage. I can't wait to get away from our busy schedule for 3 days and enjoy a slower pace.  I will do a full blog post about our adventures once we return.

Favorite #1


This week, we received our MagicBands in the mail for our upcoming trip to DisneyWorld! We are so excited because Elliot is finally old enough to go to the Bibbidi Bobbiddi Boutique!

I love that they send them in advance, it helps to build the excitement! We aren't going for a few more weeks, but that sure is a fun package to get in the mail!

Favorite #2


Ok, aside from the obvious reasons for helping me to stay caffeinated when I am not home, this week their free wifi really helped me out! 

Our wifi was down this week after a scary experience! My husband discovered the power supply to our modem had a short in it when he smelled melting plastic! It should be a favorite that he caught it before the extreme heat damaged anything or worse! He actually burned his fingers trying to unplug it!

Anyway, I appreciated that I could get myself a Tall Mocha and have some access to the internet for a few minutes to get some things done!

Should've grabbed a fun selfie to document my appreciation, but I was so excited about the wifi I forgot! But here is the coffee!

Favorite #3
My Hunter Boots! 

I think they are too nice to be used for what I use them for right now, but I am loving them!

I mentioned in a previous post that we are in the process of building our dream home. It was has been a LOOOOOONNGGG work in progress. We purchased the lot over 4 years ago.

We are finally moving forward, and the lot is super muddy with all the rain we have had.  I wear these every time I visit the site so I don't have to plan my outfit for the day to make a 10 minute stop. I keep these beauties stowed in Target Bags in my car to contain the mud. See how perfectly they fit?

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  1. I'm going to need a full Disney recap! My husband and I are both teachers so we've been having to save for a while and plan to go in 2018. The kids and I are so excited (hubby was deprived as a child so he has no idea why we're all so pumped!) Happy Saturday!

  2. Absolutely! Do you have a time of year that you are planning on going? We are going next month, so that we get to do Mickey's Very Merry Christmas! It is a special admission for certain nights where they have a Christmas Parade and Special Activities. I think they do the same for Halloween. Also, remember to book at least 6 months in advance to be able to reserve any special activities you want to do. If you have any other questions, let me know! Hope you are having a great weekend!