Sunday, August 28, 2016

Top 10 Summer Highlights!

Those long summer days are waning, and school days are almost here. We are excited to share our top 10 highlights of this summer with you!

Sara's Top 5 are:

1. Our family vacation to Cancun!!
It is crazy to see how much our blog has grown since then! I didn't write about anything other than the place we stayed! I missed a huge opportunity to share with you the fun we had! Maybe I can later post a more detailed retrospective.

We had a blast! Eddie and I renewed our vows on the beach for our 15th Anniversary!

We went on a jungle tour and snorkeling! (We don't have pictures because cameras/phones don't mix with water!)
We swam with dolphins!

We played in the pool, and at the beach!

We spent time with my Aunt, my Mom and my niece! It really is one of the best family trips in recent memory!

2. Outer Banks Trip Part 1Part 2
It was such a wonderful visit with my family! I really love spending time with my sister! I get to see her and her family so rarely, we really cherish the limited time we get!

3. My crazy awesome birthday week!

How can ribbon cutting with the mayor AND seeing the Zac Brown Band on my Birthday(!) In someone's BACKYARD(!!) not make it in the top 5?!?! Probably of all time!

4. Spending time together as a family.
Swimming in our pool...

Blueberry picking at our family Farmhouse...

5. And after FOUR years of owning a lot and preparing to build our dream home...we finally got started!!!!
It's a long story, but we are putting in a pool and it has to go in first because of the way the house will be situated on the lot. We are all so VERY excited to be making progress!!

We had our ups (listed above) and downs (kids fighting, etc.) this summer, but overall it was a great one! We are looking forward to Fall and all the fun it brings with it!


Trina's Top 5:

1. Our 2 trips to the beach!  The beach is truly my family's favorite place to play and relax.  I feel very fortunate that we were able to go twice this year.

2.  Creating tie dyed t-shirts with my girls was so much fun!  Since I am not exceptionally crafty, I was really excited that the final product turned out so great.  The girls wear the shirts all of the time.

3. Making cupcakes with my youngest daughter was one of my favorite memories because I rarely get time with just 1 of my daughters.  I love being able to have some one-on-one time with them.  She loves baking and creating things, so this was the perfect activity for us to do together.

4. Our trip to Montpelier and peach picking was one of my favorite trips this summer.  The whole family had a great time and we got to eat delicious treats!

5. Our trip to Luray Caverns and JMU was another great family trip.  Luray Caverns was a new experience for my whole family.  I also really loved being able to show my girls where I went to college.

It has been an incredible summer!  I definitely think that we have done things this summer that we will never forget.


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